Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 16 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2013 Written Update

At Urmi's place, Kinjal & urmi will be working in kitchen and discussing about madhu. Both the ladies will be happy that she is not at home so they are happy now. Madhu overhears their conversation and decides to teach them a lesson. Madhu comes into kitchen and asks urmi very politely to prepare tea for her and asks kinjal to take rest for a while. 

At Modi bhawan, rashi alone will be worried and searching for the credit card bill. Jigar-ahem comes home. Ahem leaves to his room. Jigar sits in the sofa. Rashi gives him water. Rashi and jigar both find a paper on the floor. Jigar checks out. Before jigar reads it, rashi snatches from his hand. Rashi finds its a drawing which mira has done. Rashi gets relieved. Jigar feels pissed off and leaves to his room. Radha finds jigar coming to the room and keeps a letter on the desk and leaves. After coming into the room jigar finds the letter and reads. The love letter will be written with blood. Jigar will be shocked. Rashi comes there and again snatches it from him. Without reading it rashi tears it up. Jigar gets angry and yells that she was cheating on him. Rashi thinks jigar is yelling at her regarding the credit card bill. 

At dinner table, jigar will be very upset. Koki and hetal asks jigar not to get strained much in the office. Rashi thinks of pacifying jigar before he tells koki about the credit card bill. Rashi serves food for jigar but he leaves from there saying he isnt feeling hungry. Jigar leaves. Modis will be worried looking at upset jigar.

At urmi's place, Urmi will be checking her new saree and feels happy. Rashi calls her and explains her that jigar is angry with her because of the huge credit card bill. Urmi says rashi to be stubborn by not apologizing jigar if not she cant have control over him. Madhu overhears this and thinks of teaching urmi a lesson.

Next day, jigar goes for morning jog and sits in front of mandir and thinks on. Gopi comes there and asks him whats the reason that he is upset. Jigar says he is stressed because of work only. Jigar goes back to his room. Jigar scolds rashi that she is unbelievable and cant handle anything well. Rashi gets angry. Gopi over hears jigar yelling at rashi and feels bad.