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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, vidya comes into her mom's room and says she has come first in the dance competition in school. Ahem-gopi congratulates her. Here anurag will be waiting for gopi to come along with the kids. He feels frustrated and thinks of finding himself. Hetal finds tolu-molu hiding under the table and asks them to go to their room to study. Koki comes there and calls gopi. Anurag finds ahem-gopi romancing, anurag hears gopi pleading ahem to leave her as koki is calling her. But anurag thinks ahem is forcing her. Anurag walks off to his room and will be angry with ahem. Ahem comes there to check his file which kids might brought into their room. Ahem finds anurag furious and asks what happened. Anurag seriously comes to ahem and grabs his collar. Ahem remains shocked. Gopi finds this and rushes over there. Anurag finds gopi coming and suddenly starts crying. Ahem wonders. Gopi comes inside. Anurag says he recalled his wife who has cheated on him. Ahem-gopi consoles and leaves from there. At pooja's office, pooja gives a document to Mr. Mehta and asks to make it legalize. Mehta asks pooja to think once again, but pooja warns him not to give any suggestions. Mehta agrees and leaves. Pooja kisses dhaval's picture in her mobile and feels happy that now no one can depart them. Anurag brings a yellow saree for gopi and thinks of gifting it to gopi. Anurag walks to gopi's room, but overhears ahem-vidya-mira talking. Ahem shows the red saree to kids which he wants to gift gopi. Mira-vidya say that the saree is nice. Kids leave. Ahem places it in the cupboard and walks to washroom. Anurag slowly enters into the room and drags off the red saree so that another saree falls on ground. Before he keeps it in place, ahem opens the door. So anurag hides inside the cupboard. Ahem finds the saree on ground and takes it in hand. He opens the cupboard one side and keeps it inside. Ahem locks it and thinks of giving the saree by himself. Again he thinks of surprising her and calls gopi. Gopi comes there and asks for another kurta. Ahem says she might find something good which she likes a lot. Anurag thinks, yes gopi will find a good thing in cupboard but not in his(ahem's) presence. Gopi opens the cupboard, koki comes there and asks the couple to come to bha's room as she wants to talk to all. So ahem-gopi leave. Next day, gopi finds the yellow saree in the cupboard and thinks this is why ahem was asking her to open the cupboard. At mandir, ahem will be waiting for gopi to come in red saree. Gopi comes in yellow saree. Ahem doubts gopi dint like the red saree and asks her whether she liked the saree. Gopi replies she liked it. Anurag feels happy. Ahem-gopi will be giving aarthi. But anurag feels jealous. Anurag makes more smoke and ahem coughs. Ahem while coughing drops the diya and oil spills on gopi's saree. Anurag feels ahem has done it intentionally. Ahem asks gopi to change the saree. 

Rashi finds gopi's picture in anurag's pencil box and wonders. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, rashi comes home. Jigar scolds rashi for leaving kids alone at home and going out. Rashi says she is worried about kids and so she brought anurag to stay at home to tutor her kids as well and that too any time. Ahem denies for it saying the kids are too young to force them to study all the time. Anurag gets worried. Rashi-ahem argues about this. Anurag feels dissappointed as he has planned a lot to stay with gopi in modi bhawan. Gopi also supports rashi. Finally koki agrees anurag to stay at home. But koki warns anurag that if tolu-molu doesnt improve in their studies then he has to leave the house immediately. Anurag agrees. All leave. Anurag thanks gopi for supporting rashi. Ahem finds them talking and calls gopi. Anurag gets irritated that ahem is always interupting them though gopi is interested in talking to him and spending time with him. At urmi's house, urmi requests dhaval to give 2000 rupees. Dhaval says he gave her 5000 rupees in the morning. Urmi acts innocent that she needs money for medicines for jitthu, madhu and herself. So dhaval gives money to urmi but kinjal drags the money. Kinjal reveals the truth that urmi has taken credit from her friend in kitty party for buying kangan. Urmi remains shocked. Kinjal scolds urmi saying that she doesnt need money for medicines in fact she needs money to buy gold or sarees for herself. Kinjal asks urmi to sell those kangan and buy medicines. Urmi starts crying. Pooja comes there and says she would like to buy the kangan. Dhaval says pooja that if she buys the kangan then there will be some peace in the home. Urmi says they are costly. So pooja says tomorrow she would bring a legal notice and give double the amount and take away the precious thing. Madhu feels suspicious. At modi bhawan, rashi tastes biryani and finds its salty. So she thinks of preparing it again. But gopi mexes lemon juice-garam masala and makes it tasty again. Rashi scolds gopi for not supporting before about anurag. Gopi says rashi not to be angry with ahem as he dint support her and the kids are very young to get suffer in tution. Rashi yells at gopi that they wanted a tutor for mira but not for her kids. Gopi says as mira doesnt know anything they thought of arranging a tutor for her. Rashi says she and ahem are not treating tolu-molu as their kids. Koki comes there and scolds rashi. But hetal stops koki as anurag is at home now. Koki stops. Later, anurag will be searching for gopi. Gopi finds him and asks what is he searching. Anurag says he was checking kids. Gopi says she would find them and send them to him. But tolu-molu will be unhappy as anurag will be all the time with them. Hetal consoles rashi. And gopi consoles ahem for not to be angry with rashi and she would take care of everything. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, rashi says yesterday she dint prepare tiffin for tolu-molu so she gave money to them. Gopi says she should have thought about vidya as well. Rashi takes it wrong and says that till now she dint take care of mira-vidya and was taking care of only tolu-molu. Both start arguing on this point. Finally rashi says gopi that each will take care of their children. Koki gets angry and yells at rashi that she and hetal has never thought about this and have treated everyone as one. Rashi takes away tolu-molu angrily. Koki says that rashi will never change and walks off with hetal-kids-bha. Gopi is left alone crying. Anurag comes there and finds gopi crying. Anurag thinks gopi isnt happy in this house, he came to modi bhawan only to watch her. Anurag determines himself that one day he would take far away gopi from this house and give her lots of love and smiles. Anurag comes to gopi and says he is back as he has forgot his pencil box. Mira comes there with his pencil box. While taking the box from mira, anurag slips and falls on ground. Gopi helps in getting up. Anurag says his leg and arms are hurt so he takes help from gopi. Rashi calls urmi and explains about the dispute with gopi. Tolu-molu will be playing carroms with rashi, mira-vidya comes there. Rashi asks mira-vidya to play with them for a while and then study. Gopi applies balm on anurag's hands and legs. Anurag feels happy that after a long time he is "feeling" gopi's touch. 

At urmi's house, dhaval comes home drenched. Madhu asks why he has come drenched. Dhaval says pooja wanted to get drenched on scooter so he helped her. Kinjal comes there and says dhaval that pooja has called her and told that they both got drenched. Kinjal asks dhaval to change. At modi bhawan, gopi comes to rashi's room and finds all playing carroms without studying. Gopi asks the kids to study. Rashi takes gopi's words in a wrong way and argues with gopi. Pooja calls dhaval's mobile, madhu takes the call and asks pooja not to call dhaval in the night time and try to finish up the office work in office hours only. But kinjal comes there and takes her mobile and apologizes pooja. At modi bhawan, rashi complaints hetal-koki about gopi that gopi does the difference between her kids and gopi's. Anurag hears this and feels gopi might not be happy in this house and rashi wants to show gopi bad. Koki says hetal that she cant believe in rashi's words. 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, rashi asks hetal to teach the same lessons to gopi as well. Ahem-jigar leave without having breakfast, hetal scolds both the ladies. But rashi blames gopi and leaves. Koki comes there and says gopi to be brave enough and tackle with rashi-urmi. Urmi calls rashi, rashi complaints urmi about gopi not preparing tiffin for tolu-molu. Rashi hangs on the call angrily. Urmi feels bad for her daughter and grandsons. Urmi comes inside the home and asks kinjal to serve food but she says she hadnt prepared anything and asks to prepare food for herself. At school, vidya asks tolu-molu to come for lunch but the kids makes excuses and leave from there to buy food outside. Pappu dashes tolu-molu and pappu finds money in their hands. Vidya demands why they have money. Tolu-molu tells rashi has given them. So vidya demands the kids to buy pani-puri for herself and pappu as well if not she will tell koki about this. Tolu-molu agree. 

At modi bhawan, ladies will be excited about mira going to school. Anurag comes home. Gopi thanks him for helping mira to pass in the exam. Anurag gets worried that modis might ask him to stop coming home to tutor mira anymore. Anurag takes out his pencil box and gifts a pen to her. Anurag drops the box falls on the sofa. Anurag leaves. Rashi while dusting finds the pencil box and rushes to give it to anurag but finds he has left. Gopi comes there and asks her to check her work in kitchen. Rashi gets hyper and yells at hetal as she defends gopi. Koki comes there and scolds rashi for yelling at hetal. Rashi throws the pencil box on sofa and leaves from there. Anurag finds his pencil box is missing from his bag. He rushes back to modi bhawan thinking if someone checks it then they might know his actual intension of coming to modi bhawan. Here in the house, meeti gives the pencil box to koki thinking its tolu-molu's. Koki tries opening the box but hetal comes there and asks her about some book. So meeti keeps the box inside a cupboad. Kids return from school. Tolu-molu ask vidya not to tell anyone about pani-poori. Gopi asks kids to have something but kids deny. Meeti finds the tiffin boxes cleaned. Koki calls gopi as vidya will be vomiting. Gopi rushes to kitchen to bring ajwain. Koki asks vidya what she ate. Rashi asks kids what they ate. They say that they all ate paani-poori. Suddenly tolu also vomits. Kinjal calls modi bhawan, gopi takes the call. Kinjal complaints gopi that rashi has given money to tolu-molu to buy something outside. Gopi shocks. Gopi goes to kids room and tells everyone that rashi has given money to kids to buy something outside. Rashi tries to deny. Gopi says even pappu isnt well as he too at outside food.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2014 Written Update

 At modi bhawan, gopi seriously asks urmi not to involve in THEIR family matters. Rashi defends urmi but gopi asks rashi as well not to allow urmi to involve in their family matters. Urmi scolds gopi that vidya has scolded her. Gopi defends vidya that the lil girl was defending herself but dint scold urmi. Urmi leaves angrily. Rashi follows her. Koki-hetal appreciates gopi for behaving right with urmi-rashi. Master-mira comes back home. Gopi will be worried about mira's admission, mira says everything went well and mira got the admission. Master says mira has done her exam well and theres no problem. Koki-gopi requests master to continue tutoring mira as she needs his help. Anurag master agrees. Koki says they want to gift him something(Guru dakshina) as he has helped mira a lot. Anurag says he wants nothing now but he would ask them when time comes. Anurag leaves. Koki feels suspecious about his words. Anurag comes out and thinks that one day he'll definitely take the GIFT from them. 

At pooja's office, pooja plays "aye mere humsufar" song and keeps works on. Dhaval hears this song and comes to pooja's room. He says pooja that he loves this song and he loves old songs. Pooja asks dhaval to come to her house and collect few old cds. Dhaval feels uncomfortable but agrees as pooja insists him. At urmi's house, urmi will be muttering about gopi-koki-kinjal and cries. Rashi consoles her and scolds gopi that now gopi as well is behaving like koki. And she would take revenge on her. Rashi checks time and leaves as gopi has warned to come soon. Gopi-tolu comes back from hospital. Gopi says tolu not to eat chocolates. Rashi comes there and scolds gopi not to worry about tolu and she is his mother to take care of tolu. Rashi blames gopi that she is trying to be great-innocent before elders so that they forgive her for radha's mistakes. Again rashi warns gopi not to involve in urmi's, hers and her kids matters. Hetal shocks looking at rashi's behavior. Hetal tries to convince rashi but she leaves angrily. 

At urmi's house, kinjal finds radha's photo in the cupboard and throws out. Kinjal scolds madhu for keeping radha's photo in her house. Urmi finds this and feels happy. Madhu asks kinjal to return the photo, but she doesnt. So urmi defends kinjal before madhu. Next day, at modi bhawan, ahem gets call from school principal that mira got admission in 2nd class. Modis feel happy. Hetal asks rashi to pack tiffin and serve breakfast for all. Rashi thinks she dint even prepare anything. Rashi keeps money in tolu-molu's box and says them to buy anything they wish to eat. Even vidya asks for tiffin, but rashi says sorry as she hasnt prepared for her. Gopi asks rashi why she hasnt prepared food for vidya, rashi says because she dint prepare food for her kids yesterday she dint prepare for vidya today. Gopi keeps khakra in box and gives to vidya.