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Monday, 30 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2015 Written Update

Mira will be excited to show their modi house to mansi. Gopi gets upset. Hetal will be worried for gopi as ahem is coming along with mansi. Kinjal scolds everyone that gopi has brought bad luck into their family again. But pari defends gopi saying gopi is worried for koki and koki was taking care of kinjal's family alone in urmi'a house. Kinjal taunts pari saying because pari hasnt taken any responsibilty of rashi, so koki was been forced to live with urmi. Both the ladies blame each other about the broken family, hetal stops them. 

Hetal gets a call from jigar that they all coming home. Everyone will be excited except kinjal. At the airport, jigar will be happy and excited. Ahem clears jigar that he-mansi-mira-vidya will be living with koki in the chawl but not in modi bhawan as he has no relation with modis now. Ahem warns gopi not to involve in his life as she is no more his wife. Koki asks gopi to come along but ahem stops gopi and takes away koki with him. Modis reach urmi's chawl. The neighbors taunt ahem as koki is living in the chawl because of him. Dhaval-pappu welcomes modis back. Koki introduces mansi as their guest who will be living with them for a while. Gopi along with others enter inside the house, ahem scolds gopi not to come with them and disturb them. Ahem warns gopi that he wouldnt like to relate with her anymore. Gopi clears ahem that she has come for koki but not for him nor mira-vidya. Rashi rushes to ahem and hugs him. Rashi introduces herself as "Rashi ahem modi" to ahem. Ahem remains shocked and looks at jigar surprisingly. Mira rudely behaves with rashi. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2015 Written Update

Tolu-molu try to cheer up modis saying ahem might have got convinced to return back home. Pari gets the call from jigar. Pari tells modis that ahem has denied to cancel engagement so koki got upset and has joined in hospital. Parag worries for koki and tells he would leave for Mumbai. Doc tells ahem-gopi others that koki is still abnormal and should stay in the hospital for one night. Ahem tells doctor that he would stay with his MOM. Ahem scolds gopi that she is responsible for koki's illness because gopi has come to Mumbai and by this koki learnt about ahem's engagement so koki has come there and fallen ill. Mira supports ahem. Gopi scolds mira not to come in between the elders. Doctor gives formality papers to ahem to sign, but gopi takes away them. Ahem blames gopi that she is acting as if she cares for koki. Gopi scolds ahem that he too faking of his love, and ahem is responsible for koki's illness because ahem hasnt bothered about his mom before 10 years, just left the house with his kids. Koki was been living with urmi as kinjal has left the house and came back to modi bhawan. So koki has taken kinjal's responsibility of taking care of urmi. Ahem remains shocked. Nurse asks ahem-gopi to stay with koki as they both were fighting who to stay back. Kids asks jigar to come along with their home. But jigar sweetly denies to come and tells his hotel is nearer to hospital so he would meet them next morning. 

Gopi goes inside the room. Koki will be still unconscious. Gopi promises koki that she would fight to make a new happy family by being her's (koki's) son-DIL-grand daughters and support her rest of her life. Later, gopi comes out and finds ahem sleeping on the waiting chairs. Gopi walks off from there but comes back with a pillow. While making ahem to sleep comfortably, ahem falls on her shoulder and sleeps. Gopi feels happy to touch him, but suddenly she remembers all the incidents 2 days before has happened. Gopi throws away ahem and walks off. Ahem wakes up and finds gopi walking off.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2015 Written Update

Koki tells mira-vidya that she is very disappointed with them as she was expecting that they will make their parents one. Vidya tells they too have expected a lot from their mom but she too left them and went to jail. So now she is feeling bad. Mansi-mira explains ahem to talk to koki in a cool manner so that koki would understand his feelings. Here gopi pleads koki to leave from there but koki denies. Gopi tells koki that she cant force him and let him stay beside her. Pappu comes to modi bhawan and tells modis that urmi is missing. But urmi comes outside from kinjal's room hitting kinjal. Urmi tells kinjal has kidnapped her. Pappu takes urmi and leaves. Urmi thinks koki went to Mumbai to bring back ahem, if she does so then koki will be back to modi bhawan then she cant take revenge with koki. Mira-vidya tells ahem that they would support him in all his decisions. Mira tells when gopi hasnt bothered them where as mansi took care of them well. So ahem should be strong enough and decide about his life. Koki tells gopi not to agree with ahem's decision about his engagement. Koki requests the guests to leave as there will be no engagement party. But Ahem comes into the hall and announces that he will get engaged to mansi now. Mira-vidya feels happy with ahem's decision. Ahem tells first time in his life he is taking his own decision. While Ahem putting on the ring koki gets heart stroke. Ahem throws away the ring and rushes to koki. Ahem decides to take koki to hospital rather than calling for ambulance. Mansi remains alone in tears. In the hospital doc tells koki has mild heart stroke.

Gopi scolds ahem for leaving koki 10 years back. Gopi tells ahem that koki left modi bhawan and living in chawl. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2015 Written Update

Whom do you support Ahem or Kokila??? 

Koki yells at ahem not to cheat gopi by engaging with mansi. Ahem yells at koki that she has no right to take decisions about his life. Koki scolds ahem that this is the reason why mira is misbehaving with gopi. Gopi defends ahem saying if he is happy with a new life partner then let him marry mansi. Koki scolds gopi for behaving so foolishly and sacrificing her life. Koki yells at ahem to answer her questions looking into her eyes. Mansi tries to defend ahem but koki scolds mansi not to interfere in their family matters and she will never accept her as DIL. Koki yells at mansi to leave them alone. When mansi will be leaving, ahem grabs mansi's hand and stops her. Ahem says mansi will not leave. Koki shocks. Ahem says modis to leave but not mansi. Koki scolds ahem to leave mansi and accept gopi again who has loved only him and has done so much for his family. Ahem tells koki that he was just following her and has done everything she wished. Never koki has asked ahem what he likes and what not. Ahem say he even sacrificed his love to marry the girl (gopi) as koki has wished. Never koki allowed him freedom in his life. Ahem yells back at koki that he cannot be behind his wife and follow her as his dad (Parag) has done. Ahem yells he wants his life to be happy but not as parag modi. Koki remains shocked with tears. Gopi scolds ahem not to say a word any more. Gopi asks koki to leave from here. Ahem scolds jigar-gopi-koki to leave from there. Koki denies to leave. Ahem leaves angrily. Mira yells at gopi that she has finally disturbed their happiness. Koki scolds mira not to talk anything bad about gopi. Mira-vidya tells ahem has sacrificed a lot for them so they agreed to let ahem marry mansi. Koki scolds mira-vidya that when they were separated from her 10 years back she was upset but never expected they talking bad about gopi.

Ahem declares his engagement with mansi. Koki gets heart stroke.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2015 Written Update

Monday, 23 March 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 23rd March 2015 Written Update

Ishu and bhallas couldnt find ruhi's documents. Ruhi will be excited as she will be leaving with ishu as 48 hours has finished. Raman promises aadi that he need not go to shagun back and he would bring ruhi. Ishu asks raman whether he took the custody document. Raman tells everyone that ruhi will be with shagun for a while and aadi will be with them. Ishu remembers raman romancing with her in the night and stolen the document. Ishu yells at raman for cheating her. Raman brings out the document and tells everyone that he couldnt decide whom to choose one between the two kids. And aadi was thinking to suicide for solving all the family matters. Ishu decides to keep her promise with ruhi and heads out to the court. Shagun will be angry as her lawyer has cheated her. Bhallas come to court. Ishu tells the judge that they have decided to keep ruhi with shagun.  Ruhi and bhallas will be shocked at ishu's decision. Ruhi cries and asks ishu to take her back. But ishu couldnt reply her and keeps crying. Ishu leaves the court without looking at ruhi.

Ishu feels bad that she couldnt keep her promise with ruhi.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2015 Written Update

Mira insults gopi. Koki suddenly appears before ahem to stop the engagement ceremony. 

Gopi scolds mira not to yell nor misbehave with ahem as he is her parent. Mira keeps glaring at gopi. Gopi tells she dint forget that they are her kids. Mira leaves angrily. Mansi apologizes gopi on behalf of mira and taunts gopi saying mira and ahem-vidya no more considers her as their family and they hate her the most. Mansi again taunts gopi that ahem and herself shares a very close relationship and this engagement is just a formality. Gopi taunts back at mansi saying ahem still loves her and has been proved because he has waited for her for 10 years and dint marry her (mansi) till now. Mira will be very angry and thinks of teaching a lesson to gopi. 

Modis will be worried for gopi. Tolu consoles modis saying ahem will be convinced when he finds koki before him. Mira comes back to gopi and yells that she is just a disturbance in their life. They are happy with mansi-ahem. And they doesnt need any more, Gopi is just a guest and she wants to drag her out of the house right now. Ahem yells at mira to stop it. Mira tells ahem to continue their ring ceremony. Ahem asks gopi to bring his engagement ring. Gopi will be in tears. Ahem says "What happened. You told you shall do everything to prove her love". Gopi remembers her marriage and sweet moments with ahem and feels bad. Gopi brings the rings. Ahem determines to keep the ring and holds mansi's hand. While ahem putting on the ring, koki pushes away ahem's hand. Ahem finds koki and shocks. Koki tells everyone to leave as there will be no engagement ceremony as gopi is still ahem's wife and they divorce yet. So ahem cannot marry mansi without divorcing gopi. Koki recognizes mira-vidya, all hug affectionately. Koki feels bad as she has missed them for 10 years. Mira-vidya asks koki not to leave them now. Koki tells she came to take all of them with her. 

Ahem yells at koki saying he cannot become as parag who keeps listening to his wife and follows his wife all the time.