Saturday, 23 July 2016

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Pari plans to kill Gopi in Saath nibhana Saathiya :

A new character to enter into the serial, Parmila (played by Utkarsha Naik) as Dr.Krishna's mother. The jealous duo Pari & Mona plan to kill gopi using a scorpion. Gopi will be arranging flowers in temple, Pari leaves a scorpion near gopi but Parimala finds it. She saves gopi and gets bitten by the scorpion. Lets watch how the relation between gopi - parimala grows on and how it effects gopi - kokila's relation.

Ratan Rajput & Ayaz Ahmed are just friends !!

One of the popular shows of &Tv, Santoshi Maa has gained a huge popularity. The chemistry between the main leads have attracted the audience. Ayaz Ahmed & Ratan Rajput who play the main leads admit that they are good friends off-screen. They are together because of their different personalities and their passion towards work. Lets watch how the twists and turns in the serial brings the leads together.

Arjun Bijlani injured :

Popular show Naagin's main lead Arjun Bijlani is participating in India's favourite dance reality show, "Jhalak dikhla Jaa". Arjun got injured while practicing for the show. He got injured while he was trying the split to tumble step. He got huge swelling near his pelvic bone. Presently he is taking pain killers and practicing for the show. We need to appreciate his dedication and hope for a speedy recovery.

Mohsin khan & Shivangi Joshi are just friends:

Star plus's long run show " Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai " shoot time has brought the new actors Mohsin Khan & Shivangi Joshi together. They are being inseperable during off-screen. When confirmed from Shivangi, she said they both are just friends but seems Mohsin disagreeing about their relation. He did not admit that they both are just friends. Lets wait for more updates from these so-called friends.

Swati Shah bags an important role in upcoming show Beyhadh:

Hetal Modi aka Swati shah of Saath nibhana saathiya has bagged an important role in the upcoming show Beyhadh. Main leads of the show are Kushal Tandon & Jennifer Winget. Swati plays an innocent role in Saathiya but in Beyhadh she will be seen a strong working woman who raises her two sons.

Mohammad Nazim aka Ahemji will be back in Saathiya:

Two months back Mohammad Nazim has quit the show, a new role Dr. Krishna (played by Khalid Siddiqui) was introduced. The chemisty between Ahem - Gopi has attracted the audience but the romantic moments between Gopi - Krishna wasnt that successful. So the production team is thinking to bring Ahem back into the show. Lets wait and see.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Divyanka aka Ishitha engaged

After 8years of relationship with Divyanka, Arshad broke up with her by denying to get married. Though Divyanka was seen depressed with Arshad’s decision, Divyanka was seen stronger. Later Divyanka got closer with her co-star Vivek Dahiya who is playing ACP Abhishek in Yeh hai mohabbatein. Both became close during the shoots and starting dating. Though the actors denied about their dating, fans were suspicious about their relation. Finally the couple got engaged in between their close friends and relatives on 15th Jan 2016. The couple looked perfect and all smiles on their faces. We wish a happy married life to the couple.

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai celebrates 7th anniversary

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai stands one of the best and long run serials of Star plus. YRKK bagged many awards in every year. The story line completely depends on joint family. Many stars who havent left the show till now and its running still strong with high Trp. The serial has completed 1833 episodes and is nearby to complete 2k episodes. The team has celebrated their 7th anniversary recently. The team had a cake cutting in the shooting. The actors and director was overwhelmed and shared their happiness together. Hope the team stay together and entertain us for many more years.

Kitni mohabbat hain to come back

One of the best and popular shows of Balaji telefilms, Kitni mohabbat hain team is planning for a comeback. The love-hate relation of the main leads Arjun and Arohi was shown very well. The main leads Karan and Krithika fell in love on the sets and were in relationship for a long time as well. Unfortunately the couple got separated. Now Karan is seen in Yeh kahan aagaye hum and Krithika was seen in Reporters. We wish the couple to get back again and entertain us. Yet the news hasnt announced officially.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gopi tries to reveal gaura's truth !!

In the present track of Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gaura successfully arranges Vidya - Shravan's engagement. Gopi still unhappy with Vidya's marriage tries finding the truth behind gaura's plan. Gopi finds gaura's brother is dead and reveals this truth to Modis but when gopi shows the proof she fails. Shravan tries supporting gopi but remains silent when his father yells at him. Kokila feels sympathy for gaura as her husband is dead. Kokila still believes in gaura and yells at gopi. Lets watch how gopi saves her child vidya from gaura's revenge plan. 

Vidya - Shravan to get cozy in their engagement !!

Vishal's Birthday Bash pictures









Ishitha to die in Yeh hai mohabbatein & take a leap !!

In the present track of Yeh hai mohabbatein, Bhallas are very happy as Ishitha is pregnant. Bhallas plan to visit a temple and start in a mini bus. The driver of the mini bus plans to take revenge with Ashok by harming Aadhi who is in the mini bus. The driver arranges a bomb in the bus and jumps out of it. Only ladies will be present in the bus. Ishitha drives the bus so that the bomb doesnt blast. Raman - Romi successfully saves all the ladies except Ishitha. Bomb gets blast and shown that Ishitha is dead. Raman once again becomes an arrogant man. But in the leap, Ishitha will be back in the show with a baby but with no past memories. Lets watch how Raman reacts when he finds a new Ishitha and how he makes Ishu to remember her past. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Meera to marry vidya's father-in-law !!

In the present track of Saath nibhana saathiya, Kokila's childhood bestie Gaura (Vandana Pathak) enters into the scene along with her grandson Shravan (Kunal) to take revenge with Kokila. Gaura feels Kokila is responsible for her brother's suicide and determines to take revenge. Gaura plans to marry Meera with Shravan but Meera rejects the alliance. Gaura tries to fix the marriage with Vidya and Shravan. Vidya agrees to marry Shravan. Meera feels disappointed as modis might spoil Vidya's life by marrying Vidya to Shravan. Meera tries convincing Vidya but fails. Even Gopi isnt interested in this marriage and thinks of stoping it any how. Because of Urmila, Modis learn the truth that Gaura's eye has been dead in a fire accident. On the Engagement ceremony, Meera steals Vidya's engagement ring but Gaura gives her ring. Meera tries to swallow the ring and stop the engagement. But Gaura grabs Meera's neck and makes her spill out the ring from mouth. In the coming episodes, we can find Meera asking to Gaura to stop the wedding. But her plans fail. To protect her sister's life, Meera takes a step to marry Gaura's son. The present track is running with the special actors like Vandana Pathak and Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi fame Amar upadhya.

Rucha Hasabnis at Devoleena's Bday bash

Devoleena aka gopi bahu of Saath nibhana saathiya has celebrated her 25th Birthday party at Villa 69 in Mumbai recently. Tanya (Meera), Vishal (Jigar modi) and other Saathiya crew has attended the bday bash. The special attraction of the party was Rashi aka Rucha Hasabnis who left the show 1 year ago to get married to her childhood love. All the members had a great fun. The friendship bond is seen so close between the actors. 

Whats cooking between Devoleena & Vishal ??

Its common our actors fall in love with each other on the sets. Now in Saathiya nibhana saathiya sets as well theres a new couple alert !! Its the on-screen devar-bhabi aka Jigar-Gopi modi. 

Devoleena is a close friend with her on-screen husband and devar. But these days off-screen few pics reveal something else between Vishal and Devoleena. Though their relation is unacceptable on-screen, off-screen Vishal Devoleena make a cute pair. Hope the viewers also accept them. :) 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th July Written Update

Tolu molu says all the 3 cameras has been destroyed. Modis shocks. Mira says koki that she was with them since long time so she cant destroy the cameras. Mira blames pari saying gopi is her target so she dint allow kokila to sit on gopi's jhoola. Kokila disagrees once again. Ahem asks kokila not to be so strict with mira. Koki tells there is another cctv camera in the hall so she can find the culprit now. Kokila orders tolu molu to bring that cctv camera. Mira says that jhoola on which gopi was sitting was before pari's. May be pari has exchanged the names when modis were having fun. Kokila scolds mira not to blame others. Kokila warns mira to be strong while she reveals the culprit. Tolu molu arranges the cctv camera. Kokila couldnt find the culprit. Later jigar finds a stool in the hall and takes it to rashi's room. Jigar finds the video tape in rashi's room. He doubts it might be the cctv camera's. Jigar searches for more proves. Jigar finds a broken glass piece in rashi's school bag. He finds rashi's science book's papers folded like phenyl is dangerous for humans, how humans can get current shock. Jigar comfirms himself that Rashi is the culprit who wants to kill gopi. 

Dhaval asks a balm to kinjal. Kinjal scolds dhaval not to believe urmi as she is acting innocent before him & chawl people. Dhaval says kinjal that she is showing fake love on him so that he doesnt kick her out. Urmi comes there and yells at kinjal to leave dhaval. Kinjal yells at urmi not to be over confident that they have everything now and kinjal curses them they can lose it one day. Their roof starts leaking. Urmi scolds kinjal. Pappu comes there and asks what they shall do now. Urmi will be happy that she can go and stay with kokila. Dhaval says he would stay back in their house along with kinjal and shall inform her once the house is repaired.