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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi comes into rashi's room. She finds a bag in urmi's hands. Urmi says she is taking few rashi's pictures and would bring them back. Gopi nods as yes. Urmi goes to her home, kinjal feels suspicious as urmi hides the bag which she has brought from modi bhawan. Urmi scolds kinjal and sends her away from her room. Here lady modis will be happy as pari's chapter has been closed. But pari comes there with police, savitha and other neighbors. Pari shows modis and tells police that these all have hit her and dragged her out of their house as they dont like her. Koki shocks. Koki yells at pari to stop the nonsense but pari says see how modis are yelling at her before police as well. Police says modis that pari has filed case against them about domestic violence on her. Ahem says police that he wanna show few proofs against pari. But pari tells police that they are trying to call someone and get a bail so they should arrest them before hand. Police takes all the mobiles and gives them to pari. Police doesnt arrest bha as per pari's request. Even savitha and neighbors support pari that modis have dragged her out of the house. Police says they have sent lady constable to arrest urmi as well. Pari goes to her room. Bha calls kinjal and tells about modis got arrested, only jigar is out because he was out of the house. Kinjal says bha not to worry and she would talk to jigar. Urmi hears this and thinks police would arrest her and she should escape. Police comes there and takes urmi to arrest. Pari comes there and says police that urmi is innocent. So police leaves. Pari asks urmi to delete the video if she doesnt want to get arrested. Urmi takes out her mobile but the jewelry in urmi's hands fall on ground. Urmi collects them and takes inside. Kinjal asks pari to take back her complaint. But pari rejects and leaves. 

At modi bhawan, jigar yells at pari to take back her complaint. Pari says jigar to ask her sweetly. Jigar says. Pari says if he doesnt throw her out again then she would take back the complaint. Jigar agrees. Pari calls police and takes back the complaint. Modis return back. Hetal-koki yells at pari not to act sweetly. Pari says if she hadnt married jigar then jigar would have left to US, and now she doesnt want to leave jigar or modi bhawan. Koki-gopi says she cant stay in modi bhawan. Pari replies that jigar had agreed her to stay back. Jigar says pari asked to allow her to stay in their house in return to take back the complaint. Koki says he might have done for his family. Again koki says pari that she is challenging her that in 24hours she would make herself to leave modi bhawan. Pari agrees for the challenge. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari thinks of doing something rather than sitting idle. Pari checks money in her wallet and thinks this amount isnt enough. Tolu-molu-vidya come into the room and starts painting. Pari scolds them to leave from there but kids deny to leave. Kids provoke pari that she cannot paint as they do. Pari says she can paint well than them. Kids ask her to hand paint. Pari does. When pari goes to wash her hands, kids bring pari's mobile to modi ladies. Koki says it isnt right to make kids to do all this but they have to. Koki feels guilty. Urmi checks recent call list. Someone calls on pari's mobile, its from some online shopping. Again gets another call. Its from a goon. He asks pari to bring all the money and meet him at the market. Modis wonder. Gopi notes down the goon's number. Gopi goes to pari's room to keep back the mobile. She places it on the bed in same position. Pari comes out and finds gopi in her room and scolds not to plan something to make her leave the house. Gopi leaves.

Modis reach market and finds the goon waiting for pari. Gopi calls him and confirms. Urmi recognizes and says its the same person who came to modi bhawan to meet pari. Pari comes there and gives 1 lakh to the goon. The goon rejects to take 1lakh and asks pari to bring 2lakhs. Pari says she has only 1lakh. The goon warns pari to bring 2lakhs soon if not he would reveal the truth about her marriage to jigar was a fraud and he has helped her. Pari says she would bring later and the goon agrees. Gopi records all this. Later modis come back home. Koki yells at pari to leave their house as they have proof against her. Gopi shows the video to pari. Pari shocks. Pari asks gopi to show the video again. While watching she plans to delete and deletes it. Pari smiles at gopi and says she is very sorry for deleting the video. Pari proudly says koki that she cant leave modi bhawan nor jigar. While pari walking back to her room, koki-ahem-urmi shows the same video in their mobiles. Pari shocks. Koki says now she has learnt the value of smart phones. Pari suddenly cries and apologies everyone that she had made a mistake. Koki asks pari to leave. Pari agrees. Pari asks modis to come to main door to give a send off to her. Modis agrees. Urmi goes to rashi's room to take rest. Pari hugs everyone and leaves crying and saying she would miss everyone. Savitha and all find this. After pari leaves koki yells at her neighbors to leave. Jigar says now he is feeling relief and says he would out for a while and goes out. In rashi's room, urmi finds rashi's jewelry in cupboard and thinks she should take them as modis would take them any day. 

Pari makes modis arrest for domestic violence against her. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki finds pari's handbag in the cupboard and thinks she would definitely finds something in it. Outside hetal tries to stop pari to go inside but fails, then mira rushes to pari and asks her to help in dancing. Mean while, tolu-molu-vidya enter into the room and tells koki that pari is outside. Molu finds a chocolate box and opens it. He finds a letter in it and gives it to koki. Pari anyhow makes excuses and walks to her room. Koki locks the door slightly inside and takes kids into bathroom. Koki hides in a corner and kids get ready to bath. Pari walks in and finds her things are mess. She doubts and rushes into the bathroom. Their she finds kids playing with water. Pari scolds kids to leave but kids yell at her to leave as its thier parents room. Koki slowly walks in and asks pari why kids need permission to come into their parents room. Pari hears car coming inside the house and rushes downstairs. Koki-kids feel happy. Later, koki-kids check the paper and realizes that pari has fooled them. But koki determines herself to find pari's intentions in a week. 

They hear jigar yelling and come downstairs. Jigar wonders and asks hetal why a constable is behind him since morning. Pari tells jigar that she has appointed a constable to know where jigar is going. Jigar-hetal scolds pari. Pari asks koki whether she found any proofs against her or not. Koki-hetal wonders. Pari says they should stop playing hide-seek game with her anymore. Later, koki doesnt allow pari to have food but hetal allows. Koki says hetal that if they provide all the means to pari then how can they make pari leave their house. Hetal agrees. Again hetal comes to meeti and says not to give food to pari. 

Gopi goes to urmi's house. But urmi drags her out and even madhu. Gopi cries and pleads urmi to listen to her. Urmi keeps on rejecting gopi. Gopi finds a window open and pleads urmi to listen to her. But urmi doesnt. After few trials, gopi asks urmi to listen to her thinking about rashi-tolu-molu. Finally urmi agrees. Gopi explains urmi that pari has planned something evil and entered into the house. And jigar still loves rashi then how can he marry pari. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, pari comes there to take tolu-molu back to modi bhawan. But kids denies to come along with her. Urmi hits pari with a broom stick and yells that kids doesnt come with her. Pari ties urmi to a chair. Pari stops kinjal-madhu not to help urmi till she leaves with kids. Kids deny to go with pari. Pari convinces kids that if they dont return to modi bhawan then she will take away their father to US. Kinjal also convinces kids to go back to modi bhawan. Kids leave with pari. Kinjal unties urmi. Jigar says he would go to urmi's house to bring back his kids. But pari comes there with kids. Jigar-kids hug and feel happy.  Pari asks jigar whether he is happy. Jigar yells to leave from there. Pari replies that she cannot go away from his mind and heart. Modis will be looking at pari very angrily. Pari goes to koki and says she is too cute when she is angry. Pari goes to her room. Kids say everyone that they dislike pari. Koki determines and says she would collect all the evidence against pari in one week and let her leave modi bhawan. Gopi and all support koki. 

Later, in the night, pari asks jigar on which side she has to sleep on the bed. All others come there. Koki scolds pari how can she sleep with jigar. Pari says she is jigar's wife so she has a right to sleep with him. Koki scolds pari not to be so shameless. Jigar says koki not to waste her energy yelling at pari. Jigar takes his bag and says pari to sleep alone and he would sleep outside. While jigar leaving, pari grabs his bag and pushes away everyone out and locks inside. Pari takes out jigar's passport from his bag and lights fire to it. Jigar and all request her not to do so but she lights fire. Jigar remains speechless. Pari opens the door. Jigar finds his passport burnt and gets hyper. Jigar ties slapping pari but ahem stops him and takes away jigar from there. Modis leave from there. Pari wonders why modis are angry with her when she has helped them. Later, in kids room, kids feel irritated with pari's behavior and think of troubling her. Pari talks to someone on mobile that she will arrange money as early as possible and asks him to finish the work. Jigar calls an agent and says he need another passport as early as possible. Jigar finds a police constable outside their house. 

Koki-hetal-gopi will be discussing how to send pari away from their house. Gopi says only urmi can help them. Kids also come there and tells elders that they will help them. But hetal explains kids to think about their studies and playing. Gopi says koki that she would go to urmi and talk to her. Koki-hetal decide to collect few proofs against pari. Koki goes into pari's room and searches all the things belong to pari. Koki finds pari's handbag in the cupboard and thinks from this they can get something important. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari stops koki and says everything is fair in love and war so she has tried this. Now jigar has got a wonderful girl as wife who loves him a lot. By this she has stopped jigar going to US. Koki gets hyper and drags her out of the house. But pari comes back into the house and replies smiling that police will arrest them if they send her out, now she got married to jigar so she has a right to live in this house, her joint family project hasnt completed yet. So now she cannot leave the house at any cost. Jigar yells out at pari that he'll leave to US next day. Pari challenges jigar that he cannot leave her now. 

Urmi comes there and taunts koki that why is she so worried after marying pari to jigar. Gopi tries to stop urmi but urmi asks gopi not to involve in this as she wants an answer from koki. Even hetal tries to stop urmi, but urmi taunts hetal saying she has no value in this house and has never supported rashi when she was alive. All remain shocked. Urmi again asks koki what is she planning by marrying jigar and pari in this less span of time after rashi's death. Pari comes to urmi and says koki isnt involved in this marriage. Pari asks urmi to bless her but she slaps pari. Pari hugs urmi and says till now no one has slapped her. Pari again says not to repeat this again. Urmi yells that she can never take over rashi's place. Urmi says she came to take tolu-molu with her. Urmi rushes to kids room though modis ty to stop them. Hetal-jigar pleads urmi not to seperate the kids from them. Urmi asks kids to question gopi and their father why jigar got married again. Tolu-molu denies to come along with her. But umi forcfully takes tolu-molu downstairs. Parag-chirag asks pari whether she has taken permission from her dad about this marriage and says marriage isnt a joke. Urmi drags kids along with her and leaves from there. Pari stops jigar and says not to worry about kids and she would take care of this. Modis feel bad that urmi has taken away kids because of pari. All leave to their rooms. But pari feels confused why modis are angry with her. 

Kinjal learns about jigar-pari's marriage. Urmi comes back to her home. Urmi asks kinjal-madhu to leave her house. Urmi goes to her room. Madhu says kids to freshen up to have some snacks. Here at modi bhawan, jigar determines to leave to US. Gopi-hetal asks jigar not to leave as he has to worry about his kids. Pari comes there and asks hetal not to worry about jigar. Hetal scolds pari not to involve in their family matters. Jigar says pari that she cannot accept her as his wife. Pari pushes out all out of the room and locks jigar in his room. Pari says now jigar cannot leave to US now. All leave from there. Gopi scolds pari for taking every problem as a joke now she has to regret in future. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, jigar brings his luggage downstairs. Hetal once again requests jigar not to leave. Jigar apologizes her. Ahem scolds jigar to stay back. But jigar pleads ahem that he cannot live here. Koki feels suspecious about pari's absence when jigar is leaving. Jigar requests gopi to take care of his children and make them not to realize their parents absence. Gopi nods and cries. Jigar apologizes everyone for not listening to their wish. Kids come home, kids hug jigar and says bye to him. Ahem-gopi decide to go along with jigar to airport. Ahem-jigar-gopi in car, ahem finds police following them. Ahem stops the vehicle. Police says ahem that they need to arrest jigar for leaving the country after marrying a girl. All 3 shock. Ahem asks who is that girl. Pari gets down from police van. Pari says jigar that they got married yesterday. Ahem says they would go to their house and discuss about this. Hetal calls gopi and asks her to make jigar to talk to her. Gopi says jigar isnt going to US and they are returning home. Hetal feels happy and shares the news with all elders. 

Later, ahem-jigar-gopi return home. Hetal feels happy to see jigar again. Koki finds ahem-gopi upset and asks what happened. Police-pari come into the house. Police says modis that jigar has married pari and now leaving to US so pari has filled a cheating complaint against jigar. Modis shock listening this. Pari shows the marriage registration paper to everyone. Jigar gets hyper and scolds pari to leave their house. But pari denies as she is his wife now. Gopi asks pari to stop all this. Pari says she has married jigar as she loves him and wants to take care of him. Police asks jigar to accept pari. Koki says police, that pari has cheated jigar and got married to him. Police says there is no proof that pari has cheated him so jigar cannot leave to US now. Savitha and other colony members come to modi bhawan to find what is happening as police has come there. Chirag says police that their family has a good reputation but police denies this and asks jigar not to leave the country. Police leaves. Savitha taunts about this marriage. Ahem-gopi request them to leave. Savitha calls urmi and says koki might have married pari with jigar. Kinjal comes home. Urmi taunts kinjal that koki has married jigar with pari. Urmi determines herself that she should bring tolu-molu to her house. Even madhu wonders about this news. Kinjal calls hetal but hetal says she would call her back. Hetal requests pari to leave but pari says she would fill happiness in jigar's life. Koki gets angry. Koki says pari that she cannot marry jigar. Pari replies why cant she marry jigar, she is beautiful and intelligent and more over she loves him a lot. Koki gets hyper and raises her hand to slap but pari grabs her hand. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2014 Written Update

Koki asks urmi to take away pari from there home. Urmi says when they have allowed radha to live in their house for years then they should allow pari as well as she is rashi's sister. Urmi hangs on the call. Hetal-gopi in kitchen, hetal feels bad about jigar in between rashi's memories and pari. Koki comes there. Gopi calls jigar, he tells that pari is with him and she has understood his situation now. Jigar hangs on the call saying he would talk later. Koki feels suspicious how could pari agree him to leave to US. Jigar-pari reach the temple. Jigar says rashi used to come to this temple when she was pregnant. They both go inside the temple. Pari purchases two garlands and keeps on khana ji. Here urmi reaches modi bhawan. Urmi asks koki to send tolu-molu with her. Urmi calls her lawyer in. The lawyer says urmi has filled a case against modis to take tolu-molu as jigar isnt taking care of kids properly after rashi's death. Ahem says she cannot take kids with her as she needs to consider jigar's and kid's wish too. Urmi asks ahem to call jigar then. 

Jigar-pari reach a pani-puri bandi. Pari says that place is so tacky but jigar says rashi loves this pani-puri and used to have fun with them. Pari couldnt eat the pani-puri. Jigar shows a garden nearby and tells pari that he and rashi used to hangout in this garden. Pari asks him to take there. Here in modi bhawan, ahem says urmi that she cant bear the kids studies with the money she gets from the rents and koki says urmi that when father of kids is alive then she being a grandmother cannot file a case to take kids responsibility. Urmi remians thinking. Koki again says she cant remain calm as its a point of kids future. Kids return home from school. Koki asks kids whether they are willing to live with urmi forever. Kids reject to come along with urmi. Urmi shocks. Koki sends away kids to their room. Urmi says koki that they have spoiled kids minds against her. Koki says urmi that according to law kids should live with their father but not with their grandparents. Lawyer also suggests to leave this case. At urmi's house, the lawyer demands 2000 rupees and asks to prepare 25000 rupees as his fee. 

At garden, pari shows a book to jigar and says she has prepared a love story of his and rashi's, pari asks jigar to sign on that book. He does on few papers. A document drops from the book but pari stops jigar to check that document. A kid dashes pari and cool drink spills on her dress. Jigar says he would buy another dress for her. They both go to a hotel. Jigar says pari that he would wait in the reception and pari goes to the room. Pari calls jigar and says she is scared of something. Jigar rushes over there. Pari hugs jigar and says there were lizards in the washroom and she is scared of them. Jigar leaves pari and says he would check. Pari changes her dress and both come back to modi bhawan. Koki finds pari's dress has been changed and asks about it. Pari says she bought a new one as her dress got spoiled. Next day, jigar comes downstairs with luggage to leave to US. 

Police arrive at modi bhawan and says jigar that he cant leave to US as his newly wed wife has filed a case against him. Modis shock hearing this.