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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari gets ready to meet her friends. She thinks of going through kitchen door. While getting out of the kitchen's window, one glass falls on ground and breaks. Gopi who was passing by hears this glass breaking sound and walks there. She finds the broken glass and opened window and wonders, while pari hides behind the fridge. Pari makes sound while going out, Gopi still feels suspicious but ahem takes her away into their room. Gopi sleeps but will be still suspicious. Pari goes out through kitchen's window. Pari enjoys time with her friends and gets tired and sleeps there itself. Next day, ahem knocks jigar's door and asks him to come for jog. Pari wakes up at her friend's house and gets nervous. Gopi shows the keys and tells koki that she has locked the kitchen's window herself and now its open. Tolu comes there and asks gopi whether she has seen pari anywhere as she is missing. Gopi-koki doubts where can pari go in this early morning. 

Pari on the road calls someone and asks to come soon. In a auto, a person gives a dupatta and pooja thali and leaves. Koki thinks of asking ahem-jigar to search for pari but she comes home back. Pari says she went to temple in the morning. When gopi asks for kitchen's window, pari admits that she has opened it. Gopi asks pari to tell them before leaving the house. Pari agrees. While pari leaving to her room, gopi asks pari why she dint check the mandir's pooja thali other than preparing thali in kitchen. Koki defends and says its good to know that pari went to temple. Koki asks pari to go to her room. Still gopi doubts pari. In pari's room, she will be talking to someone, urmi comes there. Pari doubts how she has come into the room. Urmi says she has come though pipe. Urmi yells at pari that day what she has promised. In the flash back, pari convinces urmi saying modis arent planning to give tolu-molu to her so if she helps her in winning modis heart to stay back in modi bhawan then she will never allow kids leave alone. Now, urmi scolds pari that she is enjoying all night with her friends and how can she take care of her grand sons. Pari says she would take care of her kids as she has promised. In the kitchen, gopi cleans the pooja thali which pari brought and finds urmi's name on it. Gopi remembers pari saying molu that urmi is busy talking to ghosts and doubts something fishy running behind them. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2014 Written Update

 At modi bhawan, jigar will be disappointed with pari because of her lies. He leaves angrily. Pari asks meeti to serve food for her. Gopi serves food to pari. Molu says pari that urmi will be eating in the same way now. Pari says she is busy talking to ghosts now. Gopi hears this and thinks pari talks all nonsense. Landline rings so gopi picks up the call. Kinjal tells gopi about babaji's arrest. Gopi hangs on the call and thinks how could pari know about this. Gopi feels suspecious how could pari knows about this matter. 

Later, in the night lady modis gather in bha's room. Bha-hetal will be disappointed about pari's behavior towards jigar and kids. Pari will be passing by, hetal calls her and asks how could she lie to jigar to make him come home. Pari says she was just trying a way to finish up the work and this she has learnt from daily soaps. Gopi scolds pari that television will be showing wrong sometimes and shouldnt follow them blindly. Pari replies that gopi has provoked everyone against her so they are yelling at her now. Koki defends gopi and asks pari to apologize elders. Pari does and leaves from there. Hetal will be worried about pari's odd behavior. Koki asks hetal to give some time to pari to change herself. Koki again says we cannot see jigar as ahem has changed when gopi has left modi bhawan. So by pari's childish behavior jigar is getting distracted of rashi's thoughts. 

At kinjal's house, kinjal-dhawal-madhu will be having dinner. Kinjal wonders and asks dhaval and madhu why they arent complainting about food. They say its fine. Kinjal says urmi used to taunt her about the food all time. Here urmi says jitthu that kinjal has helped about babaji but she cannot accept her back in the house. Later, dhaval says kinjal that he would talk to urmi and move back to urmi's house as she is missing her. But kinjal rejects to go back. 

Pari comes to kids room and gives chocolates, but tolu-vidya scolds pari. Pari gets a call. Pari scolds the person not to call her, she is trying hard to win modis heart and asks him/her to help her. Pari hangs on the call and finds gopi at the door. Gopi doubts with whom pari is talking. Pari denies to tell gopi with whom she is talking. Vidya says gopi that pari was bribing them with chocolates. Pari leaves angrily from there. In guests room, jigar will be angry with pari. Hetal comes there and tries to console him. Jigar angrily says hetal that he cannot bear pari and cannot accept pari as his wife and cant forget rashi. Hetal asks jigar to give some time to make pari to behave like an adult. Jigar finds his file in pari's room and walks over there. Koki comes there but jigar leaves without talking to her. Jigar goes to pari's room. He finds cupboard is locked. He asks pari about keys. Pari sleeps on the bed and tells jigar that the keys are under her pillow and he should take them himself. Jigar goes to washroom and brings a bucket of water. He pours on pari and takes away the keys. After jigar taking the file, pari stops him but jigar yells at her to leave him alone. Pari gets a call from her friend shilpi, she asks pari to meet them as they are in rajkot and they will be leaving next day. Pari agrees. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki softly asks kids why they are troubling pari. Kids reply that they want to disturb pari's fasting. Koki says she is disappointed with their behavior towards pari and they shouldnt involve in elders matters. Koki asks kids to apologize pari. They does but pari leaves angrily as kids have spoiled her mehendi. At urmi's house, urmi calls rashi (babaji's wife) and asks rashi to take care of their treasure box in which their money and jewelry are stored. Urmi says she is going out for a while so she should take care of the treasure well. Babaji and his wife thinks its so easy to fool someone. Kids will be discussing about pari's good and bad deeds. Molu supports pari and tolu doesnt. Gopi comes there. Mira asks gopi how to judge a person? with good or bad deeds. Gopi explains kids that they should first consider the good deeds and think positively about that person so that we can love that person whole heartedly. Gopi again says kids not to trouble pari as they doesnt like her. 

Later, pari feels bad that her mehendi has got spoiled. Molu-mira send a "sorry" card to pari. Pari doesnt accept the apology. Molu says pari that he would help her to help jigar to come home. Pari opens the door. Molu calls jigar and says he got ill suddenly and asks him to come home. But tolu calls jigar's office and tells molu-mira are planning to bring him home anyway. Jigar thanks and hangs on the call. Jigar says molu that their plans wouldnt work. Pari again calls jigar and tells him that she would come to jigar's office at 6pm. Tolu comes to pari's room, Tolu-molu start fighting about this. Koki-gopi come there. Gopi asks pari not to involve kids in their personal matters and never tolu-molu have fought about anything with eachother. Koki defends pari and says that they shouldnt involve in kids fights as they will become one in little while. Pari feels happy but gopi gets upset. 

At urmi's house, baba ji and his wife enters urmi's house from the window and start breaking the connecting wall of urmi's room and hall. Urmi and all other family members come there. Urmi says baba ji that she wouldnt be fooled all time. Urmi explains baba ji that kinjal has found out that babaji was making his wife to talk to her as rashi and told this plan so that they can catch him red handed. Shah's make babaji and his wife arrested. 

All the ladies will be waiting for jigar. Jigar comes home. Jigar asks 200 rupees to koki and goes out. Again he comes inside. Modis will be confused what has happened. Koki asks whats the matter. Jigar explains that he has determined not to come home in the evening, but pari has called his driver to bring home his car and he stayed at home. And when he checked his wallet he found no money in it. Pari has kept a letter in the wallet that he should come home soon as she has removed all the money. So he had no option other than coming home. Pari requests jigar to let her drink water and break the fasting. But jigar walks off. Pari asks jigar to make her wear the ring she bought for herself. But jigar pushes away and walks off. Pari acts as though ring has gone into her mouth and got struck in her throat. Jigar gets worried and makes her drink some water. Pari shows the ring and modis remained shocked. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2014 Written Update

Early morning, pari asks elders to put mehendi on her hands to get ready for teej. Pari has some food before. While giving the teej material hetal remembers rashi and feels bad. Hetal feels sorry as she couldnt accept pari as her daughter-in-law. Next day morning, pari asks jigar to come home soon in the evening as she should break her fast. But jigar says gopi that he would not come home for today as he has some work. Kids find this and plan to trouble pari about eating. Pari insists bha to keep mehendi on her hand. Bha writes "J" on pari's palm. Kids come with all food and starts eating before pari. Pari gets tempted and asks for 1 jalebi. Before pari eats the jalebi, she herself stops and says she cant eat. Pari leaves angrily. Mira asks kids not to trouble pari as she is fasting. Kids plan to disturb pari's mehendi. Tolu comes to pari and says gopi is calling her and takes to their room. Pari opens the door and enters inside, a bucket of water falls on pari which kids have tied on the door. Pari gets hyper. Pari tries hard to save her mehendi and kids keep on troubling pari. Mira goes to call elders so that they can stop kids troubling pari. Kids throw a ball at pari but it hits rashi's photo on wall, but pari grabs it without falling on ground. While doing this pari's mehendi gets spoiled. Pari gets upset. Elders come there. Pari says kids that she loves their father and she is fasting for their father's long life. But they dint help her. Pari again says, if they love her then at least respect their mom rashi. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th September 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, urmi comes back home, kinjal will be waiting there. Kinjal enters the house and walks into urmi's room. Kinjal takes away all the jewelry. Kinjal tells urmi that she has already blammed her that she has stolen jewelry so she is taking away all the remaining. Urmi warns kinjal that she would complaint against her in police station. Kinjal replies that she would tell police that urmi has stolen these jewelry from modi bhawan. Kinjal walks off though urmi yelling at her. At modi bhawan, jigar says kids to finish up their home work and goes to his room. Pari finds kids alone and goes to them and asks them to play foot ball with her. Kids deny to go. Pari says jigar has told her to give a play break to kids for a while. But pari tempts kids to play with her in rain and walks outside. Kids think jigar has told pari to tell them to play as they were studying from longtime. Though mira asks them not to go, tolu-molu-vidya rush out. All kids start playing. Koki-hetal-gopi come out umbrella and asks kids to come inside. Kids continue to play though they slip. 

Pari asks koki to let them play for a while. Jigar opens the window and finds kids playing. Kids & pari requests jigar to come down and play with them. Finally jigar comes out. Kids request jigar to play with them and jigar agrees. Jigar-kids play together. Koki feels happy looking at jigar playing. Jigar slips and falls down but laughs along the kids. Even elders and pari feel happy. Later, jigar asks kids why they are playing when he asked them to finish up the home work. Kids say that pari has told them that he asked them to take a break. Jigar gets hyper for lying to kids. Jigar leaves angrily. Gopi-koki scolds pari for taking a wrong way to make jigar smile. Pari brings her mobile and checks the funny animal character morphed with modis faces. Gopi checks this. Gopi asks pari's mobile, pari denies but gives as koki insists. Gopi shows the funny pictures to koki and says pari is controlling her angry in this way. Pari explains gopi-koki that its a game in which people can keep their mind cool and its helping her to get attached to modis. Gopi says koki not to believe pari. But koki explains gopi that no one is perfect and if they can try then she can become perfect. Though her procedure was wrong, her intensions arent bad. Koki again says to see pari in a positive way then she can find the good in pari. Gopi feels bad that pari isnt showing them her real intensions. Later, pari will be talking to her dad that everyone are getting in her favour slowly. Only gopi is against to her but she would try to convince her. Koki comes there. Koki asks pari whether she is truly interested to get along with modis. Pari says yes. So koki asks pari that she has to promise her to try hard to win everyone and stay good to modis. Pari agrees.