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Monday, 21 April 2014

Saath nibhana saathiya 21st April 2014

Ahem decides to prove gouri as innocent. He orders a new necklace. Koki thinks ahem has some plan behind this robbery. She checks gopi-ahem's room and finds out that the couple are sleeping seperate. She checks the cupboards and finds nothing. Later, ahem recieves the ordered necklace, but koki blames ahem that he has stolen the necklace. Hetal defends ahem that she has asked ahem to order a new necklace for gopi. Koki asks ahem to help gopi to wear the necklace. Radha will be in tension about the necklace. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gouri hugs ahem-gopi and says vidya is so lucky to have them as her parents. Again gouri says the couple to have belief in khana ji and everything will be fine. Here in the garden, radha calls tripti and says because of koki she had to drink mirchi soup and now she is suffering. Tripti says radha that she is thinking like a fool to send gouri out of the house and not to repeat them. Koki comes into the hall, kids will be making their doll ready for marriage, rashi-gopi-hetal says the kids are planning for doll's marriage. Gouri also comes there. Koki and gouri feels this as familiar but couldnt remember anything. Koki says she is feeling burdensome and she needs rest. Koki leaves, even kids feel bored about the game and leave. Gouri finds the doll and feels familiar and looks on. Radha will be in tension that gouri might remember her past. Gouri goes to khana ji and cries saying she feels some familiar with this house but couldnt understand anything. Again gouri thinks to explain this to gopi so that she can help her. Hetal-rashi-gopi will be discussing about koki's memory loss. Rashi will be depressed that koki isnt regaining her memory. Hetal says everytime they are doing some deeds koki is thinking but couldnt see it clearly. 

Radha comes to gopi's room before gouri and finds gopi in the room. Radha says gopi that koki is calling her. Gopi rushes out. Gouri comes there and radha hides behind the curtain. Gouri thinks of waiting for gopi in the room. Radha slowly takes out gopi's jewelry and keeps beside gouri. Radha yells at gouri that she has stolen gopi's jewelry. Radha starts yelling at gouri, all the ladies come there. Radha blames gouri that she has stolen the jewelry. Radha finds a necklace got stuck to her salwar, so she slowly pushes it underneath the carpet. Gouri will be crying. Radha insists gopi to check her jewelry whether some thing are missing. Gopi checks and finds a necklace is missing. Gopi asks sweetly whether she has open the box. Gouri crying promises and says she dint steal anything. Gopi remembers mira doing the same and hugs gouri. Gopi says she knows very well that she cant steal some thing. Radha yells at gouri that she is a theif and should be sent out of the house. Koki asks them to stop and checks the cupboard and asks everyone that gouri cant take the jewelry box out as they are high enough for her. Radha shows a stool and says she might have used it. Radha again yells at gouri that orphans do so and tries slapping gouri, but gopi stops her. Gopi scolds radha not to say gouri as an orphan or try to slap her. Radha remains shocked. Koki asks radha if she has stolen a necklace then it should be with her but it isnt. And to know the real culprit they have to check all the house. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Off-screen Pictures of Saathiya cast




Rashi with younger mira



Ahem's family pic

                                                                  Mira / Gouri

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, all ladies will be discussing how to make koki a normal person. Rashi gives an idea that the last time koki was happy in mira's doll's marriage. So they will do it again and try to make koki remember her past. All like the idea and think to set the plan. Here in urmi's house, dhaval wakes up and finds kinjal folding clothes and keeping in the cupboard, so he insists kinjal to bring tea for him. So she leaves and he checks the money bag. 

At modi bhawan, Gopi will be feeding kids, koki comes there and asks for meeti(radha). Radha comes there and koki scolds for not doing any work and gopi is doing all her work. Rashi comes there and says radha is a lazy girl and doesnt likes to work. Jigar comes into the hall, koki finds him and scolds rashi for wearing good clothes before thier workers. Jigar feels bad and goes upstairs. Koki takes away rashi and says she will give some other clothes to wear. Radha finds gouri and thinks of planning to send gouri away from modi bhawan. Radha gives soup to all the kids except gouri. Koki comes there and scolds radha for not giving soup to gouri and asks her to bring for her. Radha walks to kitchen. 

Rashi comes downstairs in salwar suit and kids make fun of her. Rashi will be upset. Rashi sends kids to play. Radha mixes chilli powder in the soup and brings out. Radha acts as if she is feeling bad as kids have left the soup without drinking. So koki asks radha to drink  her soup(the one mixed with chilli powder) and gives another soup bowl to hetal and asks her to have it and she too takes one soup bowl and haves. Radha gets tears because of the chilli powder. Koki finds this and asks why is she crying. Radha replies, she is very happy that they are taking care of her and got some emotional. Koki says ok and asks her to complete it.

All the ladies, ahem and kids gather in a room and plans to do a doll's marriage. Vidya says its a boring game. All the elders remember the doll's marriage and gets upset. Gopi says though they arent interested they have to participate for speedy recovery of koki. Kids agree. Ahem feels bad and leaves from there. Ahem comes into his room and checks mira's toys and finds her doll. He remembers mira and cries. Gopi finds ahem crying in their room and comes inside. Gopi tries to console him but he leaves angrily from there. Ahem dashes with gouri, she finds tears and wipes. She makes him come inside the room and stand beside gopi. Gouri hugs both and all 3 get emotional. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sbaath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki finds mani (radha) isnt at home. Meeti says mani isnt at home. Gopi brings tea for koki. Koki says gopi she need not work at their home. Gopi says she feels happy for doing something for her. Radha comes back home. Koki scolds radha for going out without saying a word to her. Koki asks radha to clean the house and later she would check her work. Radha gets hyper but remains calm. All the 3 kids will be busy studying, gouri asks them to come and play. Vidya sweetly rejects as they have exams. Rashi calls them to show their home work so all 3 leave. Gouri will be checking the books, radha comes there and scolds her saying she is staying for free here so she should work. Radha gives a cloth and asks to clean the home. 

In koki's room, koki-rashi-gopi inside, koki gives the list of grooms and asks her to select one. Koki says she has liked jayesh but she can choose any other one. Rashi denies to marry. Koki says she is giving permission to select one other wise she would decide about her marriage. Gopi consoles rashi that everything will be fine. Rashi will be upset and asks gopi to check kids as they are studying. Rashi calls urmi and scolds her for not planning anything and here koki is planning her marriage. Jigar comes back home and asks meeti for water, but koki finds this and scolds him and asks him to take water by himself. Gopi who is in kitchen finds koki has left she brings water and gives to jigar. 

Radha thinks of giving all the work to gouri which she has to do. Radha will be ordering gouri. Gouri breaks a glass, gopi who was passing by hears this and comes there. Gopi finds gouri cleaning the broken pieces and cuts her hand. Gopi asks gouri why she was doing this. Gopi does the first aid. Gopi asks gouri why she was working. Radha says kids who are orphans will be working like this in homes. Gopi says kids shouldnt work at their age, they should study. Gopi says she will bring books for her and she need not work. Gouri says she is an illiterate. Radha says she is an illiterate fool. Gopi recalls herself in past and feels bad for gouri. Gopi consoles gouri and says she would make her study. Radha says gopi she need not worry about gouri's studies. Gopi warns radha not to ask gouri to work. Radha too yells at gopi not to interfere in their family matters. Koki comes there and scolds radha. Radha says koki that she was taking some help from gouri so gopi was scolding her and she was interfering in their family matters. Koki yells at radha that gopi isnt a guest in their home and she is a family. Again koki scolds radha that gopi supports a good and she can decide anything in their home. Koki asks gopi not to bother radha's words and finds gouri got hurt. Radha says she has broken the glass and has but the hand. Koki gets hyper and drags radha o get out of the house. All the ladies gather in the hall, koki says hetal that she was mistreating gouri. Gopi asks koki to forgive radha. Bha asks koki to leave this and take rest. Bha takes koki to her room. Rashi will be happy but gouri will be scared of radha. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2014 Written Update

 Bha requests koki to allow hasmuk (jigar) to stay in their home. Koki finds Jigna(rashi) is worried for jigar and denies to allow jigar to stay. And says she will finish jigna's marriage as early as possible and hasmuk will take care of all the arrangements. Rashi-jigar remains shocked. On the road, dhaval finds police and thinks of saying everything to them but he gets the call from the goons and they warns not to reveal everything to police. Dhaval will be worried for pappu and stops himself. Here in modi bhawan, rashi will be worried about her marriage and hetal tries to console her. Gopi comes there and says them that they should do something by which koki recalls her memory and stops all this fuss. 

Dhaval goes to the goons office and their a person explains his work. Here on road, radha meets tripti and explains her about the fuss koki is doing in the home, dhaval will be loading goods into the auto where this evil ladies are discussing. Here in modi bhawan, koki asks parag to help her to find a good match for jigna. Tripti and radha will be discussing in a hotel about mira might regain her memory. Dhaval finds radha and goes to her. Tripti covers herself and radha says him that she has come to meet her friend showing tripti. Dhaval doesnt recognize tripti and leaves from there. Radha and tripti decide to do something so that koki shouldnt regain her memory. Koki makes a list of grooms for jigna. Hetal comes there and asks koki to help her in collecting mirchi from upstairs. Dhaval brings the load in the auto and gives to the goons. The goon leader hits dhaval for sending their friend to jail. Police comes there and arrests the goons. The goons think dhaval has cheated them by giving information to police. The police leave. Dhaval finds lots of money and collects all of them and takes with him. 

Here in modi bhawan, rashi-gopi find koki coming there and starts washing laptop. Koki finds this and tries remembering the past. Hetal starts acting, scolds gopi for washing the laptop. Ahem-chirag-parag comes there. For shocking, koki asks hetal what is a laptop and why is she scolding gopi as she has just washed ahem's toys. All remain shocked. Koki asks gopi not to feel bad and they would buy another toy for ahem. Koki leaves from there. Ahem scold gopi for doing all this. But gopi says she too wishes koki regains her memory as he wishes.