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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2014 Written Update

At raman's house, ishitha will be happy about the breakfast. Ruhi says ishi maa is happy so raman will be dropping her at school. Shagun calls bala's mobile, but vandhu takes the call. Shagun asks vandhu to come for aadhi's tutions as he has missed them since many days. Vandhu wonders but says shagun that she would inform bala. Vandhu hangs on the call, Bala comes there. Vandhu says bala about aadhi's tutions, bala says he was busy with special classes. Vandhu asks bala not to stress. Raman brings ruhi downstairs and asks whats the matter, why is she so good with ishitha. Ruhi explains that a boy in her class was bullying her best friend so she has hit him. So principal has asked them to bring parents to school. Raman says he is happy that ruhi has helped her friend but explains she shouldnt hit anyone. Ishitha will be cooking but finds cylinder is done. She thinks of getting one from her mother's place. But there her dad tells ishitha that their cylinder is also finished. Ishitha says she would take care of it. Raman goes to school with ruhi. At the parking, mani's car comes before and parks before he does. Raman gets angry and scolds mani's driver. But the security person comes there and asks mani's car to take away from there as its staff parking area. Both go inside. There raman finds ruhi has fought with mani's son nirvan. Both the kids apologize to each other before principal. Raman and mani as well apologize and leave. Ishitha will be worried about gas cylinder, mr.bhalla asks ishitha to cool down. Ishitha walks off to her room. Raman comes there. Mr.bhalla says raman that ishitha is worried about gas problem. Raman goes to ishitha and asks her to take rest for a while or try to vomit so that she feels good. The gas cylinder will be delivered. Bhalla says mani has sent the cylinder. Raman learns that ishitha was worried about gas cylinder and also mani is a man with whom ishitha went for dinner. Ishitha says mani was her best friend since school days. Raman feels jealous and ishitha feels happy about it. At mihir's place, shagun shows her costly wedding card and also asks mihir to order the same. Shagun says mihir that ashok can afford everything at his wedding as well. But mihir sweetly denies it. Later in the night, ishitha will be angry to know about who is mani. Raman thinks of waking up ishitha and find out but he couldnt. He thinks of checking ishitha's friendbook and find out. Raman takes the laptop to bathroom and checks the friends list but couldnt find the right one as there will be 3 or more mani's. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki stopping urmi who was about to slap pari. Koki says urmi that she cannot slap her dil pari nor scold her. Modis remain shocked at koki's words. Koki says pari that she cannot take rashi's place but she can make a new place in their house. Gopi asks koki not to believe urmi. Koki says gopi that they should forgive a person who does mistakes all the time and urmi is an example. So they cant believe now but that person can try to change. They should give pari to change for once. Then she too can love pari. Gopi defends herself that she isnt lieing. Koki says she believes her but gopi might have heard wrong as well. Shah familiy leave. Pari smiles proudly at gopi. Gopi goes to mandir and prays maata rani to help her in knowing the truth. Pari comes there and makes fun that she shouldnt trouble maata rani. Pari says she came here to love jigar but not to hurt anyone. Gopi replies, she isnt loving jigar whole heartedly and jigar loves only rashi. Pari taunts gopi saying ahem even hasnt loved her before and koki has helped her so now she too isnt bad. Gopi says she never lied to win ahem's heart. Pari warns gopi not to come in her way. Gopi says she will be in her way if she is going in wrong one and help her family. Pari says gopi is jealous of her as koki is accepting her slowly and very soon she will be more important to all the family members than gopi. Gopi says she isnt insecure like her in the house. And she has learnt from everyone to keep family together. But pari isnt thinking of same. Pari asks gopi to stop her nonsense. Pari challenges gopi that before navrathri completes she would everyone's heart and even jigar's. Gopi also challenges pari that before navrathri completes she would show everyone pari's true color. Pari finds koki is coming there and asks gopi to forgive her and give a hug. Koki comes there and asks whats happening. Pari says koki to ask gopi to forgive her and hug. Koki asks gopi to forgive pari. Pari says she would hug gopi herself and hugs. 

Later, pari calls urmi and scolds for blaming her before modis. Again pari says that gopi has warned her that she would show her true color to modis. Urmi asks pari not to worry about gopi. Chawl ladies come to urmi's house and asks her to take care of diya at maata rani. Urmi agrees. Later, urmi drops ghee in diya and sleeps. After a while urmi wakes up and finds kinjal has poured ghee in diya. Urmi wakes her up and asks about diya. Kinjal says urmi that she found her sleeping so dint feel like disturbing, so poured ghee in diya herself. Molu learns online shopping from pari. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2014 Written Update

At mihir's place, mika will be selecting sarees. Shagun comes there and selects a saree but mika doesnt likes it. Shagun insists mika to take that one. Mihir comes there. Shagun pays for the saree and mika takes the saree. Mihir thanks mika for supporting him and accepting shagun. Mrs ayyar comes to raman's place. There ruhi says ayyar that doshi was remembering her. Doshi has mailed them. Ayyar says she doesnt know how to mail, so ruhi says she would help her in learning about email so that doshi can mail her. Mrs ayyar agrees. 

Raman-mihir will be waiting for raghav. The secretary comes there and tells that meeting has been cancelled as raman has bribed him by sending a scotch bottle. The secretary leaves, ashok comes there and makes fun of raman that he is bribing the dealers. Raman gets hyper. Ashok leaves. Ishitha-mika-vandhu, mika says ishitha that mihir has arranged a dinner tonight so ashok will be coming as shagun has invited him. Ishitha will be worried how to handle raman when he learns ashok is coming to party. Ishitha says the ladies that she has spent time with mani and its good to keep in contact with friends after marriage as well. Later, ishitha comes back home and finds raman in full hyper about the meeting cancellation. Ishitha slowly explains raman that ashok is coming for a dinner party arranged by mihir. Ishitha pleads him to be well mannered so that mihir doesnt get hurt. Finally raman agrees. 

In the dinner party, Raman asks bala whether he has come to park hotel yesterday. Bala says no . Raman asks bala that he was in blue shirt but bala denies and says his blue shirt is in laundry since 1 week. Raman leaves the matter. Ashok comes to mihir's place. While having dinner, Ashok says that he wants to finish up dinner soon as he need to attend some meeting in the early hours. Though raman gets angry, ishitha controls him. Bala gets a call and after hanging it, bala says he has some work so he needs to leave with vandu. The couple leaves. Mika finds 2 palak paneer curries and wonders. Ishitha says she has prepared one. Shagun says everyone that she has prepared palak paneer and asks everyone and say how it tastes. Ashok yells at shagun that why did she prepare palak though knowing he is allergic.  

Raman tastes both the curries and says the curry made by ishitha was good as per his taste. And makes fun of shagun's palak paneer curry. Raman makes fun of ashok saying he is so long but cannot eat healthy food. So shagun has to take care of him more. Later, at raman's house, Ishitha thanks raman for supporting her before everyone. Raman replies husbands need to support wives before others though they arent good. Ishitha says he has ate 2 bowls so he liked it. Raman denies and says he just ate because he was hungry. Again raman says her palak paneer was better than shagun's. Ishitha feels happy. 

Raman-mika prepare breakfast together. Raman thanks mika for helping him. Mika appreciates raman for being so romantic. Raman asks ruhi why is she asking him to make her ready for school. Ruhi says she wants ishitha's mood to be good today. Raman doubts ruhi is hiding something from him. Ishitha wakes up and finds she is late. Ishitha comes out and finds breakfast is ready and wonders who has prepared. Raman-mika-ruhi say its a surprise for her. Mika says ishitha that it was raman's plan to surprise her. Ishitha says she is impressed and raman blushes. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Shah family arrive. Kinjal says everyone that she is happy that they are celebrating navraathri. Koki says its only because of pari. All participate in maata's pooja. While giving aarthi, jigar remains in tears remembering rashi. He slips the aarthi plate but pari grabs. Pari-jigar together does the aarthi. After pooja, all leave from mandir, except gopi. Gopi stops pari. Pari admits that she has exchanged garbo with football. Gopi explains pari that she lies and tries to make everyone happy which isnt right. Again gopi says she would have told her to bring garbo home. But pari taunts that she should have told her before going for shopping. Pari leaves. Gopi prays maata rani to help her to find the real intentions of pari. Suddenly there will be power cut. Koki calls gopi to bring a candle. While taking the candle, gopi hears pari talking to someone. Urmi-pari will be talking, urmi thanks pari for making everyone to remember rashi. But pari asks urmi that she should help her to win jigar's heart, and in return she will give tolu-molu from gopi. Gopi lights the candle and finds urmi-pari. Gopi says both the ladies that maata rani has shown the true colors of urmi-pari at the same time. Urmi-pari begs gopi not to tell anyone about this deal. But gopi denies to listen. Urmi tries to warn gopi not to go against her. But gopi in return scolds urmi that she isnt a fool anymore who used to obey her all the time. Life has taught her a lot so she will stand for her family if any problem raises. Gopi walks off from there and pari will be begging behind her not to say anything to modis. But gopi comes downstairs into hall where all present. 

Urmi yells at pari that she wants her to help to win jigar's heart. Urmi acts as if she is scolding pari that she cannot give rashi's place to someone. Gopi says urmi is lieing. Gopi says everyone that urmi-pari were on a deal that if urmi helps pari to win jigar's heart then she would give away tolu-molu to her forever. Urmi defends herself that pari asked to help her in winning jigar and takes care of tolu-molu. But she denies. Pari admits that she has asked for urmi's help and wanted to take care of tolu-molu. When she has come into modi bhawan she found the love between rashi-jigar and now wishing for jigar's love. And she has seen a loving care from gopi so she wants all this love forever. Koki asks gopi what she has listened. Gopi explains. Both urmi-pari defend that gopi has learned wrong while bhajan going on. Urmi scolds gopi that she is jealous so she wants pari to leave modi bhawan. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2014 Written Update

 Mihir says raman that shagun-aadhi is coming home. Raman says he would take care of the meeting and he can go to shagun's place. Here shagun will be very excited that she is going to her brother's home. Downstairs, ashok-suraj will be happy that he is finally getting a way to leave shagun forever. Aadhi overhears this and gets confused. Shagun comes downstairs and ashok says bye to her and aadhi. At raman's house, while ishitha is leaving she gets a call from her friend mani. Ishitha will be excited and tries to tell raman but he denies. Shagun and aadhi comes to mihir's house. Shagun will be excited and thinks of cooking mihir's favorite food. Mika says shagun that there is nothing to cook so she leaves to bring groceries. Ishitha will getting ready to leave from her hospital to meet her friend mani but mika-aadhi comes there. Mika says aadhi is feeling tooth pain. Ishitha says mani that she would meet her after 1 hour. Ishitha checks aadhi's tooth and has deep cavity. Ishitha asks aadhi to call shagun or ashok to tell about this, but aadhi denies to tell ashok. Ishitha will be suspcious why aadhi denies to call ashok. Here mihir-raman reach the hotel for meeting. But the secretary informs them that they are 3minutes late so meeting has been cancelled. Raman gets angry but mihir controls him. Shagun comes to ishitha's hospital, shagun scolds mika for bringing aadhi to ishitha. 

Ishitha informs shagun that aadhi is fine after giving some pain killers. Ishitha expresses her doubt that aadhi might not be comfortable about her marriage with ashok as he has reacted aggressively about informing him about his tooth pain. But shagun scolds ishitha not to involve in her matters. Shagun finds ishitha leaving with her friend mani and doubts who was it ishitha going. Here in the hotel, mihir says he needs to go home to take care of shagun-aadhi. Raman tells mihir about aadhi's tooth problem and feels happy that he could spend more time with aadhi now. Mihir leaves. Raman finds bala in the hotel. Even bala finds raman and rushes out. Raman will be irritated that he need to prepare another presentation for meeting. Ishitha comes home. She will be talking to mani and thanks the person that they spent a good time together. After hanging the phone, ishitha and raman dash, but raman grabs her tight. Ishitha feels so loving but raman yells at her and drops her on bed. Ishitha will be happy watching him. Raman scolds ishitha for smiling unnecessarily. Ishitha says she is no mood to fight with him as she is very happy. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, jigar says pari that he loves only rashi and can never accept any other gal in his life. Pari feels happy and says when he starts loving her then he would love her the same. Jigar feels frustrated. Pari hugs and kisses jigar and leaves. At urmi's house, urmi hears dol sound and comes outside. Urmi gets angry that her tenants have brought maata's idol without her permission. Urmi goes downstairs and blocks kinjal and other tenants. Kinjal-dhaval say that they want to do maatarani's pooja in the chawl. Though she denies everyone bring the idol into the chawl. At modi bhawan, pari learns about garbo but couldnt understand how to bring it home. Pari thinks of asking about garbo to gopi. Pari walks to kitchen and finds gopi talking to madhu on mobile, gopi says madhu that she would bring garbo home as its rashi's favorite festival and even kids would feel happy. Pari eavesdrop this and thinks she need not worry about garbo now. At urmi's house, kinjal-dhaval-madhu comes there and invites urmi to come for maata's darshan but she denies. All leave angrily.

Gopi comes to market and purchases garbo. Pari follows gopi and finds this. Pari thinks of stopping gopi by bringing garbo home as elders might appreciate her. Pari finds a lady selling chaniya choli and gives her money to do some work. Gopi gets into the car, the lady comes near the window and insists gopi to purchase one chaniya choli but gopi denies. While gopi talking to the lady, pari takes out the garbo from car and keeps another jhola. When pari gives a sign to leave, the lady leaves from there. Urmi's neighbors start maata's pooja, urmi couldnt sit at home without visiting, so she walks downstairs and participates in the pooja. Urmi apologizes before maatarani to forgive her. Kids ask koki whether they can celebrate navrathri this year. Koki explains them that they cant celebrate as its been very less time passed by after rashi's death. Kids plead koki to agree to celebrate navrathri. Kids get upset. Gopi comes there and says they will celebrate navrathri this time. Gopi says elders that she wanted to make kids happy. Gopi opens the cloth and finds a football. Koki-hetal appreciates gopi for bringing football for kids. Pari comes there with gopi's garbo and shows everyone. Koki scolds pari for bringing garbo home without elders permission. Pari defends herself saying when someone dies in home, then they dont stop eating or sleeping then why shouldnt worship maatarani. Gopi-bha supports pari that they should worship maatarani this year. So koki forcefully agrees. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2014 Written Update

At raman's house, Bala comes there, raman says doshi is leaving to US tonight. Raman says everyone that flight is at 3'o clock so till that time they should pass time. All plan to have fun together. Raman asks mihir to stay back. Raman and ishitha will be arranging snacks, ishitha asks raman whether he has listened something when she was talking to mika. Bala comes there so raman changes the topic and acts as though he dint listen. Ishitha remains confused. Ishitha will be worried that raman shouldnt have listened to her words. Ishitha scolds milka for leaving without telling her as she was talking about raman and later she found out raman was behind her. Milka says they would play truth-dare game and find out whether he has listened or not. Gents agree to play. Mika gets the first chance, mika prefers dare. Bala asks mika to french kiss mihir. Mika brings a mirror and kisses mihir though it. Next raman gets the chance, raman chooses truth. Ishitha asks whether he has listened to any lady's words secretly. Raman says yes. Raman says he would share what he has listened. But ishitha stops him. But others insist to tell. Raman says he listened to ruhi's words, ruhi is in love with mutthu and she dint realize till now. Ishitha remains shocked. Mr bhalla comes there and asks raman to start off to airport. So all leave. Raman-ishitha in car will be waiting outiside, raman says ishitha that they would wait till doshi's immigration as she was worried about it. Ishitha agrees. Raman sleeps, after a while he leans on ishitha's shoulder. Ishitha feels happy that raman is so close to her. Raman wakes up. Raman makes fun with ishitha that he heard whatever she told. Ishitha tries to defend herself that the real meaning behind her words wasnt what he heard. Raman starts smiling and says he dint listen anything. Ishitha feels relieved. Raman says ishitha that one day she would directly tell him what she actually thinks. Both look at eachother and raman winks at her. 

Later, ashok-suraj will be worried as shagun is busy in her wedding preparations. So suraj acts as if he is talking to his mama ji and invites him for ashok's wedding. After hanging on the call, suraj says ashok-shagun that their mama ji is so old and doesnt know that ashok-shagun are living together since 5 years so he might feel bad. Shagun asks what they should do. Suraj suggests shagun to stay with mihir till their wedding and by following all the wedding customs ashok would marry her. Shagun agrees. Ishitha comes to their room and finds raman kept his normal shirt to wear. She matches the blazer with the shirt and keeps everything ready for him. Raman comes there and finds this. Raman asks ishitha why is she behaving like his wife. Raman starts commenting ishitha about her fashionless clothes. Both start arguing about eachother's sense of fashion. Mihir-mika comes there. Mihir gets a call from ashok saying shagun-aadhi will be staying with him till the wedding.  

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi says koki that pari has hid lilly but later couldnt find so she brought another one. Koki gets hyper as pari has lied again though she has warned not to do so. In the garden, pari finds lilly. She brings the kitty into the house though kitchen. Savitha comes again into modi bhawan and starts yelling at modis. Koki says savitha that the kitty wasnt hers. Pari leaves lilly in the kitchen and takes milk in a bowl. Kitty comes to pari. Pari throws kitty outside through kitchen window. Again pari takes lilly into the hall. Savitha asks koki to apologize as lilly gone missing. Before koki apologizes, pari comes there and tells everyone that there is no need to apologize as its lilly. Koki says pari that gopi has told everything to her that its not lilly. Pari blames gopi that she wants to degrade her before everyone as she is jealous of her. Pari says its lilly and they all should believe her. Koki defends gopi that she never lies. The owner of lilly comes there and checks the kitty. He confirms that its lilly. Modis and savitha remains shocked. The owner and savitha leaves with lilly. Gopi tries to explain but koki stops her and walks away from there. Gopi will be upset. Hetal too leaves. 

At urmi's mansion, all the neighbors gather at kinjal's house and requests her to get permission from urmi to let them celebrate navrathri in the chawl. Kinjal-dhaval assures them and they all leave. Kinjal decides to do something so that urmi gets out of rashi's death. Pari-kids in the hall. Kids discuss about the garbo fest holiday. Pari asks whats the garbo fest. Kids reply that its a main fest during navrathri. Tolu-molu get upset as rashi isnt with them in this fest. Gopi comes there and asks them to sleep. Kids leave to their room. Madhu calls gopi and tells urmi is still upset about rashi's death and isnt allowing chawl people to celebrate navrathri. Gopi says madhu that she is planning to have garbo in modi bhawan. Pari asks gopi about garbo, but she will be upset and says she doesnt want to think more. Pari thinks of finding about garbo in internet. Next day, koki-hetal in mandir will be remembering rashi. Two ladies come back into hall, they find pari dancing to music by listening through her mobile. Kids and gopi come there. Gopi asks kids to play as much as they want. Pari asks kids to come along to exercise with her. But a lady comes home and asks for rashi as she hasnt come to take garba. Tolu-molu get upset and rush into their room. All follow them. Meeti says the lady about rashi's death and they arent celebrating navrathri this year. Pari thinks of something. At urmi's house, urmi will be crying holding rashi's picture. Even jigar in his room will be watching last year's garba and crying. Pari goes there and also finds the video. Jigar yells at pari to leave him alone. 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd September 2014 Written Update

 Ishistha in her room, raman comes there. Raman comes to ishitha and asks she was jealous about sanjana's relation with him. Ishitha denies it. But raman says yes she was jealous and she has yelled at him last night and made everything misserable. Ishitha again denies. Raman says when woman is in love she feels jealous when another woman tries to come near her man. Ishitha again denies. Again ishitha says raman to say mihir that she is very impressed with his words. Raman romantically comes near ishitha and asks whether she is feeling ill as she is red with jealous. Ishitha leaves from there angrily. Shagun will be angry with mihir. Ashok-suraj will be happy that mihir will never come back to shagun. But Mihir comes there. Mihir gives the shagun things to ashok. Mihir asks ashok to get married to shagun as early as possible as they are in relation for more than 5 years. Shagun comes downstairs happily. Shagun hugs mihir. Shagun proudly says looking at suraj that her brother has come. Mihir says ashok that he would fix a date for their marriage. Mihir leaves. 

Ishitha recalls raman's words about jealous and about shagun's freedom and feels happy. Milka comes there and says she is still in shock that shagun gonna be her sister-in-law. Ishitha says milka not to get worried about it as mihir can handle it everything very well. Milka gets convinced. Ishitha says milka that she wanna share something about raman. Ishitha says that she used to hate about raman's behavior used to be so rude but later she realised that raman actually cares about everyone very well. He used to care for shagun a lot. Though her marriage has broken once and again got married to raman just to be as ruhi's mom. Then slowly they have become friends but and now she has a little crush on him. Ishitha looks downstairs and finds milka talking to mihir and turns back. Ishitha remains shocked looking at raman. Raman smiles at ishitha and winks at her. Raman leaves from there as doshi calls him. Ishitha feels embarrassed. 

Later in night, doshi says raman and all that she should go to London urgently as her relative is ill and she should go and take care of her. Raman agrees. Doshi will be worried about mihir's marriage. Ishitha says she would take care of it. Raman says he would book the ticket. Doshi will be packing clothes, mrs. ayyar comes there. Romi comes there and gives doshi's passport and leaves. Doshi shows her passport to ayyar. Mrs ayyar checks doshi's picture on passport and says in the picture she is looking so young so security would stop her at immigration. In ashok's room, ashok slaps suraj and yells at him that he has promised that he would not allow this marriage to happen but now he has to do it. Ashok thinks of making shagun to cancel the marriage herself by showing his true color. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki-gopi-kids will be searching for kitty but couldnt find it. Kids think of checking in their room again. Pari will be searching for kitty outside. Urmi comes and brings a kitty. Urmi gives it to pari and leaves. Pari brings the kitty inside the house. At urmi's house, urmi comes to kinjal's house and scolds for taking cheap dresses for tolu-molu and designer wear for dhaval-pappu. Kinjal says she bought clothes for pappu-dhaval but not for tolu-molu. Urmi yells for lying but kinjal yells back to leave without blaming her. Koki gives the kitty to savitha. But savitha feels some changed behavior of her kitty. Koki appreciates pari for finding kitty. Modis come back into the house. But savitha comes back and tells its not her lilly (kitty) as its not obaying her. Pari defends that she is misunderstanding. Koki yells at savitha not to blame them anymore. So savitha says she would call the owner of the cat to check whether its lilly or not. Pari gets worried. Savitha taunts koki that now she is trying to pressure her to accept the other cat. Savitha leaves angrily. Koki says everyone that they need not worry about lilly because they have done nothing with lilly. Pari will be worried that if koki finds out that the cat isnt lilly then koki would kill her so she has to find out. Gopi finds pari worried. Pari comes out and will be searching for lilly. Pari yells for lilly and gopi comes there. Gopi asks pari what is she searching for by yelling lilly. Pari again lies that she was searching for her earrings. Pari says she has missed one of the earrings and would search in garden. After pari leaves, gopi finds cat's hair and gloves on a car. Pari calls urmi and tells her to help to find lilly as savitha is bringing the owner of lilly. Gopi comes there and softly says that she has lied to them again and got into trouble once again. Pari requests gopi not to tell koki that the cat isnt lilly. Gopi comes inside the house to tell about pari's lies. But savitha comes back to modi bhawan and once again blames koki that the cat isnt lilly. Koki yells at savitha. The cat jumps from savitha's hands so she rushes back. Gopi says koki that savitha is saying true.

Lilly's owner comes and checks lilly. The owner says its lilly. All remain shocked.