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Friday, 24 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2015 Written Update

Mira asks ahem to promise that they are not going to leave Rajkot now. Ahem asks whats the reason. Mira tells tolu-molu are saying that she doesnt have any right to stay in modi house and treats badly with her as a stranger so she wanna stay and win over them. But ahem scolds mira and tells she need not worry about that house nor modis as well. Ahem walks out of the house, gopi follows him. Gopi shows a dead plant to ahem and explains that koki will be dull if she lives in Mumbai without any of her family member. But ahem denies. Ahem and his family will be ready to leave, but urmi stops them and yells koki cant leave as she is her servant. Ahem scolds urmi. Koki sadly apologizes gopi for treating badly with her last night. Gopi cries. Rashi says she would come along with koki as she cant live alone. But gopi stops rashi and says they would go after some days. Hetal feels bad as she cant meet koki as she used to. Koki prays khana ji to save her family from all the problems. Koki says goodbye to everyone and steps out. But koki feels ill to leave. Gopi requests ahem once again not to take koki with him. Ahem remains silent. Modis come downstairs. Gopi again requests ahem-koki not to leave. Ahem feels bad as everyone is upset. Ahem declares everyone that "they are not leaving to Mumbai". Modis will be shocked with happiness. Koki thanks ahem. Koki says ahem cant do anything to hurt koki. Mansi-mira get upset. Ahem takes all the luggage inside the home. Koki says gopi that she has won with her prayers. Gopi says she cant stay with her all time as ahem hates her. Koki says ahem dont hate her. Mansi scolds gopi not to keep hopes about ahem. Koki scolds mansi not to talk so. Vidya thanks ahem for deciding to stay back in Rajkot.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2015 Written Update

Mansi brings tea for koki. Koki asks to leave her alone. Mansi leaves. Gopi comes to koki. Koki scolds gopi to leave her alone and not to bother her anymore. She has done all the help to make ahem-gopi one but gopi is so bad that ahem couldnt forgive her. Koki drags gopi out of the house and shuts the door. Gopi leaves from there. Though ahem consoles koki, koki leaves from there. Urmi locks koki's door and thinks not to send koki to Mumbai. But ahem unlocks the door. Rashi gets upset and asks ahem to take him along with koki. But ahem rejects. Rashi-urmi gets upset for ahem's behavior. Gopi comes back to modi house. Pari tells gopi that koki has forced herself to yell at her. Koki has indirectly gave a hint to stop ahem to leave. Pari says she would take care of mira. Hetal-bha-jigar comes to urmi's chawl and requests ahem not to take koki to Mumbai. But ahem blames hetal for letting koki to live in chawl for 10 years. Ahem denies. Tolu-molu-rashi requests koki not to leave them. Koki says she too doesnt want to but she is being forced. 

Gopi says vidya that when someone leaves their loving person then they cant live happy. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2015 Written Update

Ahem takes sindoor in hand and draws a line using it before gopi. Ahem tells if they both are like rama-sita then this is the laxman rekha so gopi shouldnt cross this line. Ahem takes a promise from gopi that she should go away from his and his children's life. All remain shocked. Gopi remains speechless. Jigar-koki defends gopi but ahem clears everyone that gopi isnt his wife anymore. Mira supports ahem. Koki asks ahem not to leave gopi but ahem rejects. Gopi says ahem that he has insulted himself by putting sindoor on ground. Gopi puts sindoor in her maang and collects all the sindoor in hand. Gopi tells sindoor is red in color to save her husband from all the bad. Gopi again clears that she has great relation with koki and she feels rich with this simple relation. Again gopi says no one can break her relation with koki and she is very proud being koki's dil. Koki has lead her in a right way all the time. No man should break their relation with mother or wife. Though ahem feels he doesnt have any relation with her but no one can break their relation. Mira stops gopi and asks to stop taunting ahem. Gopi scolds mira for interfering them. Mansi scolds gopi not to scold mira. Gopi taunts back mansi that she dint give proper upbringing to mira. Ahem yells at everyone to stop the argument. Ahem goes to koki and tells he wants to stay with her for life long. Koki says she too wants to live with him forever. Koki promises ahem not to leave him. Rashi comes home. Ahem asks koki to come to Mumbai with him so that they all can live together. Koki promises that they all shall live together but gopi stops koki. Rashi-gopi will be shocked. Ahem will be happy. Rashi gets upset. Ahem tells mansi-mira that they will go to Mumbai next day. Koki says she has promised unknowingly. Ahem asks koki will she break her promise? Koki in tears tells she would come along to Mumbai. Gopi-rashi remain speechless. Ahem will be happy and tells he would book tickets and pack their luggage. Ahem proudly says she can live anywhere she likes and she will be away from his family. Urmi says she too would go with koki. Dhaval convinces urmi that koki wouldnt leave them. 
Rashi in tears walks off from there. Jigar follows her and tries to console her. Rashi complaints that ahem-mira-vidya doesnt love her and now ahem is taking away from her. And no one cares her nor loves her. Jigar hugs rashi and cries along. Koki will be upset as she cant break her promise with ahem nor leave gopi. 

Koki drags out gopi from her house and tells she doesnt want to see her forever. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th April 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi tells koki that there will be no meaning for her gopi bahu's life if there is no koki. Koki agrees. Gopi says she has slapped ahem whom she got married and prayed for ahem's long life. Gopi feels bad and slaps herself. Koki consoles gopi that it wasnt her mistake. Here mansi tells ahem that he couldnt bother her as he was worried about koki. Again mansi says he isnt accepting her nor he is leaving gopi. Ahem has forgiven gopi though she slapped him. Mansi says she would return back to Mumbai as no one in modi family is willing to accept her. Though gopi does anything everyone supports her and they as well scolds mansi for small mistakes. Ahem assures mansi that he wouldnt accept gopi back into his life anymore. Jigar calls hetal and tells koki is fine now. So hetal says they all would come to chawl to meet koki. Rashi will be excited to welcome koki back home. Urmi will be happy that koki will be back but she has no idea what ahem might plan this time. Urmi again gets upset that she got habituated to koki now and might be unbearable to live without koki. 

Urmi will be worried that ahem might take back koki to Mumbai or modi house. Pari tells kinjal that koki is fine now. Pari taunts kinjal that she doesnt bother about koki's health and to prove her wrong kinjal had made a big fuss. Kinjal yells at pari not to taunt her and because of gopi they all would cry badly. Hetal stops the ladies. Urmi gives aarthi to koki at her house. Gopi-jigar comes to urmi's house. Ahem comes to gopi and asks how much does she loves him. Ahem shows gopi her sindoor and asks whats this. Gopi says since from the day 1 they got married she never seperated herself from sindoor. So ahem says he would clear something to her which can show her that there is no relation between him and gopi. 

Ahem draws a line with sindoor and tells this is the laxman rekha and gopi shouldnt cross it. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2015 Written Update

Ahem begs gopi to pray khana ji and ask him to save koki. Gopi feels bad for ahem and consoles him. Mansi finds ahem-gopi and gets upset. Doctors will be trying hard to save koki. Hetal feels giddy, pari takes care of her. Gopi thinks modis havent ate any thing since yesterday, everyone waiting outside the ICU. Gopi takes jigar and walks out. Mira gets a chance to taunt about gopi and says, gopi is going home to eat something secretly so she left to home. Mansi stops mira. Modis gets pissed off but remains calm. Later, jigar comes back and asks everyone to come to cafeteria. Their Gopi tells everyone that she brought food from home. Ahem denies. Gopi says even koki doesnt like if they will be waiting for her without eating and if they dont have anything it will be like they have lost hopes about koki. Everyone agree and have food. Gopi convinces ahem to have food. Mansi gets upset as ahem has yelled at her when she asked him to have coffee but now he got convinced to have food. Gopi will be sharing food with rashi, but before gopi-ahem have a bite jigar comes there and tells koki's condition has got critical. Modis rush to koki's room. Doc tells modis that koki is critical and in any minute she might be passed away. Modis shocked. Gopi requests doc to let them talk to koki so that they try their best to save koki. Ahem-gopi go inside the room to check koki. Ahem kisses koki and tells koki to forgive him and she is the best mom in the world. He is a fool to miss her for so many years. Ahem says she has promised not to leave him anyday. Ahem pleads koki to wake up and punish him. Gopi yells at koki to wake up. Ahem grabs koki's foot and cries. Gopi grabs koki and yells to wake up. Koki loses her pulse. Gopi-ahem yells to wake up. Ahem holds gopi's hand, koki suddenly wakes up. 

Koki gets critical.