Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 21st March 2013 Written Update

Picnic site, Madh island.
All are happy but priya says that the full family is not there. Nutz says that she is missing her husband. Neha teases priya too. The gents are about to begin the cricket game. At office, ram is waiting alone, and ashwin is not there neither atul ashwin's PA. Back in picnic spot priya asks the kids to come and take the chocolate milk shake, pihu asks her momma about papa, priya says that she will call papa, and ask him to come soon.

At office, ram is still waiting. The phone rings and atul says that ashwin is coming soon. Ram says that he is waiting since morning. Priya calls ram and asks him that when he will be coming as pihu is missing him. Ram asks that only pihu is missing him no one else means priya is not missing him. Priya says wahi toh ! Ram promises to come soon. 

At picnic, the game is on all are enjoying. The cricket ball hits the glass and goes in to the room. Ayesha in sid's arms, ayesha shouts and wanted to teach that person a lesson. And to her surprise she finds the whole family. Ayesha asks sid to hide as the family is here. Sid asks her to change and leave and he will handle the matter. 

By the pool side, priya asks pihu to bring the ball back seeking sorry from the person at the room. Pihu obeyed and walks to the window. She finds sid there, she recognizes him. Pihu says him about the picnic with her family and says sorry to break the glass of the window. Sid behaved good with pihu and says that as a kid he has also broken many glasses. He walks in and gave the ball to pihu. On the other hand priya went to find pihu and neha and vikram went to talk with the receptionist for compensating the window glass.

Ayesha was about to flee but she saw neha and vikram at the reception which made her tensed. At the pool side priya meets pihu and learns about the presence of the man who saved pihu's life she wanted to meet that good uncle to thank him. She walks towards the room to meet the person. Sid meets ayesha and they were about to flee priya and pihu came there they knocked at the door. And no one replied ayesha and sid just infront of them. They managed to escape by behaving cozy, priya escaped from there as she want to keep pihu away from those things.
Ayesha and sid makes an escape. Priya came back with pihu to the pool side and she informed what she saw at the reception to nutz. Nutz went to find soumya and they eventually spotted ayesha there priya went to call ram. 

Nutz and soumya tried to get the info about ayesha but the receptionist denied. Priya was at the garden to call ram. But she noticed reshab to talk about the e commerce business and he dont even have 4k to spend for e com. He leaves. 

Priya calls ram, she is tensed. Ram says that he has not left as ashwin is not there priya said that will their time will turn out to be good or not will to be able to live together a family wd all as they used to stay early. Ram asked her to calm down. Priya asked ram to come at the picnic asap. Ram said that when he is at office he can’t leave without meeting ashwin and boss is always right. Priya asked ram to try to come to picnic asap.