Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th March 2013 Written Update

At the hospital, nutz and saumya cleverly get the room number from the nurse at the reception. They both headed to ayesha's room

At the office, ashwin over confidently says ram that he is exploiting him to give him the answer for the slap that he gave him five years ago. He is using his name and getting all the credit. Ram replies, are you telling me or giving any justification to yourself? Ram leaves and once again ashwin feels insulted. 

At the hospital, nutz and saumya comes into ayeshas room and asks why she is in the hospital. Ayeshas friend saudamini comes out of the washroom and pretends she is pregnant. Ayesha says nuts & soumya that saudamini was pregnant and she has joined here to abort it. Nuts and soumya wonders and leaves. 

At the office, ashwin gets accolades and he presents ram's report with his credit. Priya was not able to control herself and the when one of the investors asked ashwin who made this plan and ashwin very smartly said that he has made the plan. The investor asks priya to accolade ashwin. Priya does and asks permission to say something about ashwin. The investor gives. Priya start her speech, ashwin is sweating. Ashwin is a good business man and a good business man knows to use the talent and use the plan and take away the credit as well. Aswin took the idea from other person. A person with 20 years  of experience. Everyone asks who has made the business plan? Priya replies a real genius and he is none other than mr.ram kapoor.  One man asks kapoor industries owner? The ram kapoor? And priya says yes the ram kapoor. Ashwin holds the microphone and says priya, you are fired. Priya replies, I  have already resigned and you can check the letter on your desk. Ashwin says that he would destroy her. Priya replies he can go ahead and do whatever he wants to do but she will never work under him. Priya leaves the dais and ram runs behind her. 

Ram stops priya and asks what she was doing. Priya says that she was doing what he has to do. Ram replies that they need the job and priya says that she can tolerate anything but she cant tolerate ram to get humiliated by ashwin all time. So she is leaving everything. When priya was about to leave, she feels dizzy. Ram supports her and she faints in his arms. 

At the hospital, nutz and saumya doubts on saudamini that she is lying. And they were so close to catch ayesha but cant. They left wondering how ayesha got to know about their arrival. Sid finds them leaving and thinks Ayesha could not be caught when he is with her. In the cabin, ayesha thanks saudamini. Mamaji comes there and says he will give saudamini's baby the name. Ayesha asks mamaji to calm down as saudamini is not pregnant. Mamaji wonders if saudamini is not pregnant.

In the hospital, priya regains senses and says that she has not taken any thing from morning may be for that she fainted. Ram gives her the token. He goes out to get some food.  Priya asks ram to sit with her and do whatever the doctor will ask to do she will do that. Ram says that once there was a time the doc used to come to him and now they have to wait for their turn. Priya says that now they are happy together and time changes. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2013 Written Update