Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 12 April 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 11th April 2013 Written Update

At sharma’s house, ayesha cooking. Nutz says shipra that should they call the fire brigade as Ayesha is burning all the food. Shipra smiles and says that she would check as the kids are hungry too. The kids will be banging the plates asking ayesha to serve food. Shipra went to see Ayesha and shocks. Ayesha serves food to kids. Pihu sniffed the food and when ayesha asked what she is doing? pihu says that the doggy in their building used to sniff food before tasting it so that it can know whether the food is safe to take or not. Nutz laughs. Ayesha warns nutz. She asks the kids about the food, pihu and khush says it as "monster’s food". Pihu and khush shouts it’s a monster khaana. Ayesha raises her hand to hit khush, he starts crying. Shipra stops Ayesha. Ayesha says that she has done the cooking for dad and he is not even looking at her. Sudheer shouts on ayesha and leaves. The kids ask for food and nutz took them for dinner outside and after that she promised them ice cream. Sid reaches kapoor mansion and finds call girl over there demanding for money. Sid tries to convince her. Ram comes there and understands the situation. Ram tells sid to give her money. The call girl leaves after taking the money. Ram says sid that he too gonna live with him in kapoor mansion to give company till marriage. Sid agrees unwillingly.

Priya's apartment and she is packing ram's clothes. Pihu comes in and asks if they are shifting the home again. Priya replies that only papa is shifting to kapoor mansion. Pihu gets upset and asks priya why he is leaving them all time. Priya consoles pihu and tells its not like papa shifting to kapoor mansion completely. He is going to stay with his mother for few days and comes back. And he will be meeting them every day. Pihu gets convinced. After pihu leaves priya wishes the fights to end fast and also wishes a happy life for their kids. 

Drink party at kapoor mansion, ram sidd vikram present. Mama ji joins them. They will be discussing about their married life with sid. Ram and vikram shared their dukh bhari daastan to sid. Ram says that the best phase of his life was when priya was at Dubai for 5 years and there is only one solution for marriage is long distance relationship. Ram finds priya standing at the door with his suitcase and shocks. Ram excused himself from the gathering and rushed behind priya. Ram manages to stop priya in the parking lot. Priya asks ram to keep away from her at least 10 feet. Ram says that he wanted to convince sid. Priya says that she would leave to Dubai again so that they can have a long distance relationship. Ram tries to pamper priya. Finally priya smiles and says she was just kidding with him. They both cutely say I LOVE YOU to each other and priya warns ram not to say anything like that again. Priya leaves from there. 

At kapoor mansion, Next morning, sidd woke up and asks gopal kaka for nimboo pani. As he had a hangover. Gopal kaka made mistake by serving him nimboo pani with lemon seeds in it. Ram comes there and when he learned about that, he pays the dues of gopal kaka from sid's wallet and dismissed him from the job. Gopal kaka leaves. Ram in mind apologies for what he did with him. As gopal kaka was leaving kapoor mansion he meets vikram. When vikram learns about the matter he asks gopal kaka to come with him as he has some work for him.

Breakfast table at sharma house, all present. Priya finds so many items and fruits on table and wonders. Shipra says the fruits are for priya. Ayesha comes there to have bf. When Ayesha wishes to take fruits shipra stops her and tells they are for priya. Ayesha gets pissed off and walks off. Ayesha sits on the sofa, the door bell rings. Khush ran to open the door and gopal came in. He said that ram has thrown him out of the KM. Priya says that they are not like kapoors. Priya assures that she would help him. Priya tells him that he can live with them and work for them.