Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1st April 2013 Written Update

Ram priya at hospital, ram gets a call from atul. He says that he has to come to office right now as investors are calling him. Ram denies and says that he cant go as he has some personal work. Priya insists him that he should go. Ram says that he is not going to leave priya alone. Priya insists so he agrees to leave for the office. Ram says that he is leaving but she should be calling him.

In hospital, ayesha and sid. Sid consoles Ayesha about the abortion. Again ram in the office. The investors say sorry to ram. They ask ram what position he wants in their company? Ram replies that he has not decided anything but according to them and his position whatever he deserves, he is ready to accept it. Ram will be offered as all India marketing manager post. Ram feels happy. 

Priya in the hospital, she just walks to the next corridor. She finds a glimpse of sid and priya follows him. But she misses him. Priya calls ram and says that she has noticed siddhant in the hospital. Ram asks her whether she is sure over what she saw. Priya says that she is sure.

At nutz fashion store, Soumya and nuts doubt mamaji about saudamini’s pregnancy. Cady and rahul tell them that they have sold a dress for 50k when the dress is only of 30k. Nuts happily give a bonus of 5k to rahul and cady respectively. They tell her that mamaji has bought the dress for saudamini. They wonder if saudamini had abortion then how can she come around with mamaji for shopping. Saumya says that ayesha managed to make them bakra once again. 

Priya comes home and she looks tiered. Pihu shows her new psp. Priya guesses that nutz might have given it. But pihu says uncle has gifted it. Priya guesses it would be vikram. Pihu says that the uncle who has saved her from kidnappers has given her. Priya asks pihu not to take any gift from strangers. Pihu also says that she has gifted a drawing to the uncle. Priya asks pihu to give it back to the uncle next day. Pihu says no and just a no. Priya snatches the PSP from pihu and walks in. Sudhir and shipra consoles the sad pihu.  

At Nutz store, rahul and cady having party in candle light. Ishq wala love song playing, neha calls him and he manages to fool neha that he is in the institute. Cady argues with him about the lie with neha. In vikram neha's house, neha and her friend leaves for shopping. 

At priya's residence, saumya and nuts come there and wanted to inform about Ayesha to priya. Priya tells that the day was very odd, first in the office then at hospital and later with pihu. Ram in his office and ashwin comes into his cabin. Ashwin gives him the resignation letter and ram torn it into pieces saying that he is not so mean like him. At priya’s house, Saumya and nutz explains priya about ayesha’s abortion. Priya confirms herself that it was sid in the hospital and she was right. Priya asks soumya about the chawl address where Ayesha usually visit. Saumya gives the address to priya.