Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2013 Written Update

Gopi calls the landline number of modi bhawan, Before koki takes the call gopi dc as the lady asks gopi to leave from here. Gopi tries to pacify her by rubbing her hands but gopi realizes that she is dead. Gopi shocks. Koki redials the number. When gopi wants to pick the call, she finds the goon outside and hides under a bed. The goons hear the telephone ring and walk inside the room. When he picks the phone, koki dc. The goons find the lady is dead. They decide to kill gopi as well. While hiding under the bed, gopi keeps her hand little outside. A goon stamps her hand and gopi yells out of pain. The goon pulls gopi out. Gopi tells him that she would not leave them as they have killed a lady. But the goon say that they wouldnt leave her alive. A stand falls on the goon and gopi rushes out locking the door. Koki will be worried for gopi and feels that gopi is in trouble. Though hetal and bha consoles her, she will be worried. Koki prays khana ji to keep gopi safe. On the road, gopi will be trying to stop the vehicles and seek help from them. Unknowingly gopi tries to stop the goon's car. Gopi realizes them and hides. The goons will be searching for gopi and ahem's car passes by. Gopi finds ahem but couldnt call them. The goon call his person and asks him to kill gopi any how. The goons get into the car and moves ahead but they find gopi in the mirror and follow her. Suddenly a volvo bus passes and gopi gets missed. The goons move away. Gopi gets an auto. Koki calls jigar and feels bad that they couldnt find gopi yet. Gopi gets down from auto in front of modi bhawan and tries walking in but a police inspector drags her aside and tells he is his friend. Gopi doesnt believe him. Two persons come on motorcycle and call the goons. The goons tells that gopi belongs to modi bhawan. The ACP orders to kill all the modis. The inspector says he is shukla and he know the lady as preeti and she is the DIL of ACP. Now he is planning to kill gopi. Gopi believes him. Shukla asks gopi to stay here itself and he would go and inform her family. Gopi tells shukla to go inside from backside. Shukla leaves from there. Shukla enters into modi bhawan and informs them that gopi is safe. But modis doesnt believe him. Koki says he might be also a goon.