Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2013 Written Update

Rashi comes downstairs in a nighty. Koki says rashi not  to come downstairs rushing. Rashi feels happy tht koki dint scold about nighty. Kinjal will b preparing spl food for dhawal, so urmi gets worried. Urmi checks dhawal is in bathroom and plans something evil against kinjal.

Koki finds rashi in nighty and asks y shezz wearing it. Rashi says shezz feeln hot in sari. Koki says she would bring few punjabi suits for her.

Urmi opens the oil bottle cap and thinks of ruining kinjal's life. Urmi hears dhawal coming out frm bathroom and hides herself in a cupboard. Dhawal takes d oil bottle and it slips on him. Dhawal gets angry and calls kinjal. Kinjal comes to their room. Dhawal shouts at kinjal abt the bottle's cap. Kinjal says she would give another shirt and she walks towards the cupboard and slips. Dhawal tries helping her and kinjal scolds him. Both strt argue. Urmi feels happy about it. Dhawal leaves and kinjal too. Urmi comes out and feels happy about her success of plan.

Jigar tries to convince rashi about the nighty. Koki comes there with few salwar suits and gives them to rashi. Rashi checks them and finds its bigger size. Koki says she wud feel comfortable in them. Rashi feels upset about it as she would look bad in that suit.

Kinjal comes in the warenda. Her neighbors find kinjal got hurt on her hand. The ladies think dhawal has beaten her. Here urmi fills poison in dhawal's mind that kinjal has complaining others about dhawal. Dhawal calls kinjal inside and scolds her. Kinjal taunts dhawal that hezz feeling so as she is rich. Urmi finds modi family arriving to their home. Urmi gets worried. Kinjal says shezz very rich and she is adjusting in the chawl. Dhawal yells at kinjal that they cnt live together any more. Kinjal gets upset that dhawal doesnt love her. Urmi tries stopping them argueing. Kinjal yells that her family should know about their relation. Koki wonders y kinjal is yelling. Urmi convinces kinjal not to hurt her family. Urmi welcomes modis in. Koki asks kinjal y she was shouting. Urmi says that she got locked in bathroom so she yelled. Koki asks kinjal about her hand. Kinjal says she has fell down. Rashi doubts that its looking like some1 has hit her. Urmi gets worried and diverts the topic onto rashi's salwar. Koki says as rashi is pregnant she has to wear loose clothes. Koki again says urmi that they have come here to thank the chawl people as they have helped them regarding preeti's case.