Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 20 May 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2013 Written Update

After 3 months, mira is all grown up. Koki is busy for rashi's godh bharayi function decoration. Bha gifts few necklace sets to rashi. Rashi happily takes them. Rashi says she would get ready in beauty parlor. But koki denies her wish. So gopi suggests to call the makeup artist home. Koki likes it and agrees. In urmi's place, kinjal brings a gold chain for rashi. Urmi feels happy. Dhawal comes there. Urmi shows the chain to him and praises kinjal. But dhawal asks urmi not to call kinjal as his wife as they will be getting divorced very soon. Urmi gets worried that dhawal and kinjal arent getting patched up again. Urmi calls rashi and tells her feelings. But rashi says she wants to enjoy her day. 

The makeup artist does a stupid make up to rashi. Rashi finds this and gets shocked. Rashi scolds the lady. Gopi comes with mira. Rashi gives money and asks the lady to leave. Rashi asks gopi to complete the make up. Koki finds make up artist leaving and wonders. Koki comes to rashi's room and asks about why make up artist had left. Rashi says she dint like her make up. Koki asks gopi to complete the make up soon. Gopi does the makeup to rashi. Rashi takes mira in to her arms and talks sweetly with her. Mira does su su on rashi. Rashi feels bad that her dupatta got spoiled. Koki and other ladies get ready. Gopi brings a dupatta for rashi. Rashi takes off her bangles and kangan on bed. Rashi changes her dupatta and finds her kangan are missing. Rashi finds kangan in mira's hands. Mira denies to give the kangan to rashi. Rashi gets angry and scolds mira. Koki comes there and scolds rashi for speaking oddly with mira. Rashi wears another set of kangan and leaves. Gopi takes kangan from mira and gives to rashi but she denies to take. Gopi gets upset. 

All the ladies does pooja in mandir. All come out. An old couple comes to rashi and congratulates her. Slowly she takes off the kangan. While leaving koki finds rashi's kangan are missing. Rashi gets worried. But koki remembers that she has wore duplicate kangan so they need not worry. Koki asks rashi to thank mira. Rashi happily thanks mira. Urmi's family arrive modi bhawan. Urmi asks kinjal to be together in the function. Kinjal angrily says that she would not spoil her daughter's day. Ghod bharayi function gets started. Nikki and Savitha will be discussing that modis havent arranged the function in 5 star hotel. So koki taunts them saying people arrange parties in 5 star hotels for outsiders but not for family members. 

Dhawal says gopi unknowingly that they should tell her parents about their divorce.