Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Koki learns about kinjal-dhawal's divorce & about urmi fixing marriage with kethki's daughter. 

Kinjal decides to tell her family about her divorce but urmi decides that she should divert them and shouldnt allow kinjal to talk. Urmi starts praising modis. Koki says she is very happy about rashi, gopi and dhawal. Dhawal gets worried and feels bad. Kinjal says koki that she wanna leave as she isnt feeling well. Though koki asks kinjal to take rest in modi bhawan, kinjal leaves. Urmi sends dhawal with her. Urmi feels happy. 

Urmi checks all the jewelry gifts and feels happy. Urmi asks rashi to give a set of bangles to her but rashi denies to give. Gopi brings tea for koki and tries talking about kinjal. Koki feels happy that kinjal is lucky to have husband like dhawal. But gopi starts crying. Koki wonders and asks what happened. Gopi tells koki that kinjal & dhawal are taking divorce. Koki shocks and throws the tea cup on floor. 

Rashi feels happy that she got so many gifts on her ghod bharayi. Rashi will be searching for her vitamin tablets, urmi thinks of stealing a pair of bangles and slowly takes and keeps them in her wallet. Gopi says she might have thought that it doesnt look good if she talks about her divorce on the function. Koki thinks she should talk to urmi and walks to rashi's room. Their rashi says urmi has left. Koki and gopi leaves to urmi's place. 

Koki asks urmi about kinjal-dhawal's divorce. Urmi says that its running since 3 months. Koki shocks and asks whats the reason behind it. Urmi says its because of falguni in misunderstanding. Urmi tells the whole story. Koki says kinjal was a fool to doubt dhawal. Koki scolds urmi for not resolving their problem. Urmi taunts koki that she too was a failure in balancing the issues at home. Urmi says that dhawal went to office and kinjal went to market. Urmi opens door as kethki arrives there. Kethki starts scolding urmi. Koki wonders and asks whats the matter. Kethki reveals the truth that urmi has cheated her family saying dhawal is an unmarried man. Koki shocks. Kethki says, urmila has uploaded dhawal's picture in matrimony website and searched for NRI girl. So they have contacted her. But this lady has lied that modi bhawan is hers. Koki shocks. Kethki leaves. 

Koki warns urmi to pacify kinjal-dhawal by next day, if not she would reveal all her mistakes before them.