Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2013 Written Update

Urmi succefully damages hetal's passport. So koki decides to go with rashi-jigar to Us. Again urmi plans evil to avoid koki. Urmi calls koki as her mother and says she is ill. Finally urmi gets chance to go to US. Urmi very excited about it. Rashi gets delivery pains but denies though gopi's asks to consult the doc.

Today's episode:
Urmi, jigar and rashi get into car to leave to US. Rashi feels like pain in the stomach but denies it. While show off of her passport to everyone urmi's passport gets struck in car door and tears off. Urmi will be shocked. Hetal gets worried. Jigar assures hetal that he would take care of rashi. Both leave to Mumbai. Urmi gets upset. Urmi leaves to her chawl's home.

Koki and ahem reach nani's home and get shocked seeing nani full fit. Nani asks koki not to worry about her. Koki feels bad bcoz her mother she couldnt go with rashi to US. Rashi's car gets stopped due to some problem so they leave in auto.

Gopi will be worried about rashi. Bha consoles her. To go soon rashi-jigar asks the driver to take a shortcut. While going in the auto rashi gets labor pains. Mira throws rashi's picture on floor while playing. Gopi thinks mira does this only when someone is hurt. Rashi understands its labor pains and asks jigar to take her to the hospital. They will be stuck in the shortcut and the auto also gets damaged. Jigar calls gopi and tells about rashi's labor pains but he couldnt inform her where they are exactly bcoz of weak signal and namaz prayers. Jigar calls the ambulance but cudnt explain the right address. The auto driver gets stressed and faints. Gopi tells bha and hetal about rashi's labor pains. Gopi says she would go to the place and find them. Gopi calls ahem and gives the info. Hetal calls urmi and gives the info. Koki says gopi that they too would reach the place as soon as possible.