Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 6 May 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2013 Written Update

Ahem, jigar and gopi try to break the door. Here inside koki and others doubt that the goons might be breaking the door and gets worried. Finally ahem breaks the door and walks inside. All feel happy to see each other. When ahem about to step in the water koki stops him and says current has flown in the water. So ahem thinks of switching off the main switch but gopi stops him that the goons might find him. Again gopi remembers there was a wooden ladder outside through which the peopele inside can come out. Ahem and jigar bring it. Koki asks urmi to walk but she asks meeti to walk. Meeti slowly comes from the ladder and walks off safely. On the road, The goons who were following shukla hit him with a stick and he falls down. That time the printout papers fall on ground. Both shukla and the goons doesnt bother and run off. Koki encourages kinjal and kinjal walks off safely. Gopi says kinjal that they should leave from here as soon as possible. Shukla misguides the goons and gets escaped. Shukla finds the printout papers got missed. Koki asks urmi to walk. Urmi agrees and walks. Next goes koki. The ladder breaks, so jigar ties it with the rope and grabs dhawal falling off into the water and holds him safely.

Everyone come out safely but the goons find them. Goons follow modis but chirag picks everyone in the car and rushes. The goons call Acp and tells modis have got missed. On the way, modis find shukla and stops the vehicle. Shukla feels happy to see modis safe. Shukla tells everyone that the printouts have gone missed, and he cant take the prints again as preeti's friend is out of station. Shukla asks gopi to come to police station to file a complaint against Acp. Gopi agrees. But ahem stops gopi. Ahem says shukla that he cant send gopi to give the complaint. As he should keep his family safe and they all would leave the city. Gopi tries to convince ahem but ahem stops her. Modis get into the vehicle and go away. Acp gets the information that modis are going to leave the city. Acp feels happy. Acp reaches police station and asks his SI to close preeti's case as an accident. But shukla comes there and tells that preeti was been murdered. Acp happily says that shukla doesnt have any proofs. Gopi comes there with her family and tells there is a proof. Acp shocks looking at the modis. Acp understands that these all were acting. Gopi says police that she is the one who has seen preeti's muder.