Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 10 June 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2013 Written Update

Urmi comes to her room and remembers koki slapping her. Urmi feels insulted and thinks that koki has slapped her only because of mira. So urmi decides to spoil mira's birthday and teach a lesson to koki for her slap. At modi bhawan, Ahem will be excited about mira's birthday. Urmi arrives modi bhawan and enters into the kitchen. Urmi decides to spoil mira's birthday and teach a lesson to koki. Urmi comes into the hall and gets slapped with koki again. Actually she dreams this and hides under stairs looking koki. Koki finds the window in kitchen is opened and wonders how could the window be open when she has closed herself. Koki walks into the kitchen and urmi goes upstairs. Urmi finds koki coming upstairs again and rushes into rashi's room. Rashi suddenly wakes up and finds urmi's shadow and yells "thief". Everyone wakes up and comes into rashi's room. Everyone get shocked looking at urmi lying on ground. Koki asks why she is here? Hetal helps in getting up. Urmi says she has come through kitchen. Bha asks why she has come into the house as a thief. Urmi says emotionally that she has come here to see her grand children and rashi. Urmi shows her love on grand children and cries. Mira comes there and goes to urmi and wipes her tears. Koki asks urmi to leave from the home. All leave. Rashi takes urmi out and asks why she has come here. Urmi says she has come here to spoil mira's birthday. Rashi scolds urmi and says she wouldnt talk to her if she tries to harm mira. Next day, modis wish mira's birthday. Hetal, bha and koki bring 3 different frocks for mira. So koki asks mira to select one frock. Mira shows rashi's saree and asks same color frock. Rashi feels happy that mira is following her styles. Koki taunts rashi that she shouldnt do any mistake if not mira also follows her.