Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th February 2014 Written Update

At ram's office, ram will be upset about his lunch box and thinks of having lunch in the canteen. Priya offers paratas for her manager. He agrees and haves it. Ram comes out and finds priya offering paratas to everyone as she has brought so many from home. The manager offers paratas for ram and says they are good. But ram denies and says he doesnt like paratas. Priya asks manager not to force ram as he dislikes paratas. Ram walks away into his room. Ram thinks he should take a revenge on her. Ram calls priya into his room and scolds sweetly that she was taking revenge on him. Priya admits as yes and says she was taking revenge because he has forced her to work overtime and dint even check that work. Priya again says ram that he cant dismiss her saying she dint give paratas to him. Priya leaves from there. Ram decides to take revenge on priya. 

Later, Pihu comes to their office. Priya finds pihu but pihu doesnt. Priya feels bad about the situation when pihu asks ram to chose one from herself and priya. Pihu comes into ram's room. He gets worried that anyone has seen her. Pihu says ram to gift a trip plan for her & sammy. Ram agrees. While pihu leaving, ram calls priya and asks her to go to printer room and give some doc prints. Priya goes there. Ram leaves pihu at the main door and comes in. The manager stops ram and complaints that priya was eardoping into his room when there was pihu inside. Ram realizes that priya knows pihu has come there and would have been missing pihu. Ram scolds the manager not to bother someone and leaves. 

In the lift, ram and priya take the same lift along with 2 other ladies. The 2 ladies get down. Ram finds priya and blames that she is following him but priya clears that he has got in after her. The lift stops and ram starts feeling nervous. Priya calls the guard and asks him to check the lift. Priya asks ram to play some game to be nervous free. Priya asks ram to think that its their last moment then close their eyes and see whom will they remember. Both close their eyes and find eachother.