Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Beintehaa 19th March 2014 Written Update

Aaliya finds zain feeling trouble to have soup, so she helps him by feeding him. Suraya comes there and gets hurt looking at aaliya feeding zain. Zain finds his mom and asks her to feed him the soup she brought for him and makes fun of aaliya's soup saying the soup was for someone who is ill. Saraya feels proud and says aaliya to ask her before doing something and not to habituate zain to Bhopali food. Aaliya remains silent. 

In the night, aaliya marks the date and recalls rocky hitting zain and yells for zain. Zain wakes up and asks what happened. Aaliya apologizes zain and asks him to sleep. Zain wonders and asks about what she was thinking. Zain says not to worry and he is not afraid of his life. Aaliya gets hyper and scolds him that his life might not be important to him but there are others who are concerned about him. Aaliya lists out his and her family members and finally says she too is worried for him. Zain remains shocked. Aaliya leaves from there asking him to sleep. Zain wonders why aaliya was so angry in the moment. 

Aaliya comes outside near the pool and cries. Usmaan comes there and consoles her saying that when a couple are married, they fall in love with eachother one day. Usmaan asks aaliya not to leave her hope. Aaliya nods and says she wants to find the guy who had committed the accident. Chand bibi comes there and tells usmaan that police and sketch artist have come. Police asks aaliya to describe the person so that the artist can sketch it. Aayath calls zain and asks how is he now. Zain says aaliya has exaggerated the situation and now she is trying to find him. Zain makes fun of aaliya that she might kill after finding him. Aaliya and others come there and aaliya shows rocky's picture and aks him whether he knew. Zain remembers that he is rocky and he promised aayath that he wouldnt say about her mistake to aaliya. Zain says he doesnt know him and asks aaliya to leave the matter. But aaliya will be determined to find the guy. 

Shaziya checks rocky's picture and identifies him that she has seen him in the jail along with chakkiwala. Shaziya tells suraya that she has seen him in the jail. 

Zain thinks of changing his shirt but will be troubling to get out from it, aaliya comes there and helps him to wear another shirt. Zain makes fun of aaliya that she is very much interested in seeing him nude thats why she is coming to the swimming pool and now. Aaliya will be blushing. 

Shaziya and suraya goes to jail and meets the chakkiwala. The chakkiwala says rocky has told him that zain has saved his sister from the don's party. Suraya wonders who was the girl zain has saved on that day. 

Aaliya ties a tayat and asks zain not to remove it. Zain says he doesnt have a habit to wear them and why is she doing for him. Aaliya remains silent.