Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 21 March 2014

Beintehaa 21st March 2014 Written Update

At zain's house, aayath gets scared looking at rocky's picture. Suraya and aliya asks her why she has screamed. Zain gives a sign not to tell, so aayath says nothing. Usmaan-fahad comes home and wonders looking at his sister shabana. Shabana says suraya has called them and asked them to come here to check zain as he has met with an accident. Usmaan feels happy and thankful to suraya for giving him a such a lovely surprise. Aayath feels sorry for zain as because of her rocky has done this accident. 

Aayath will be crying remembering her bad moments with rocky in Mumbai. Rizwan comes there and gives his kerchief. Rizwan will be talking to aayath and gowhar finds them and comes rushing. She grabs rizwan's hand and asks him to come and taste the pani puri she prepared for him. Rizwan will be feeling uncofortable before aayath. Rizwan introduces aayath to gowhar. Gowhar insists rizwan to leave so he walks off with her. 

Shabana appreciates usmaan's house. Usmaan says he couldnt invite his loving sister to his home before because of his busy schedule. Suraya comes there and drinks also come. Suraya asks shabana to have some drinks but insults them saying they dint have such drinks before not heard about them. Usmaan defends his sister by saying suraya that they have given some english names to the simple drinks. Usmaan explains each drink and its ingredients and offers some drinks to his sister/jiju. 

In zain's room, aliya comes there with a towel-bowl of water. Aliya says she has come to clean him up. Aliya cleans zain's hands and applies a bandaid. Zain will be watching her. While leaving aliya thanks zain for well behaving with her parents. Zain says he is a well behaved and a true guy. Aliya gets a call from police station. The inspector informs aliya that rocky runs an escort business and has got arrested by zain as he was blackmailing some girl. Aliya wonders and recalls the news where zain rushing out from the party with a girl and lying her that night that he is having some work. Aliya leaves from there without asking anything about rocky. Zain thinks she might be going to some darga. 

Usmaan will be having tea with his sister/jiju, aliya comes there and says she is going out and will be back in a while. Usmaan appreciates aliya as she has changed his son in a right way. Aliya leaves and there rizwan makes an excuse with gowhar and comes out. Nafisa comes to rizwan and shows a cd to him. Nafisa says she has a cd of aayath which can make the Bhopalis insulted. 

In the police station, police shows aliya the complaint which zain has filed against rocky. Police say that all the pictures from rocky's room were destroyed. Aliya asks for the escort girls names. Aliya shocks when the police takes aayath's name. Aliya recalls all the lies zain has told and understands that zain has saved aayath.