Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2014 Written Update

At temple, gopi thinks she is dreaming and says ahem ji iam happy that i can see you in my dreams. Gopi gets fainted again, ahem grabs her. Ahem again sprinkles water and gopi wakes up. Gopi again looks ahem and touches him to feel its true. Even ahem tries to touch her but again recalls about mira's death and gets hyper. Gopi just sits down, kids asks her is she okay. Gopi again stands and finds everyone and feels happy to see them back after 8years. Gopi hugs madhu and cries. When hetal as well hugs gopi, koki yells to stop. Koki yells at gopi for coming back into their lives again. Radha yells at gopi that she has cheated everyone to get married. She has ruined her sister's life again. She has planned before with the kids to get married to ahem, thats why kids have locked her in the store room. But kids defend gopi that there was not her fault. Gopi shocks that radha was getting married to ahem. Ahem remains calm and angry while gopi will be upset listening about radha-ahem's marriage. 

Koki yells at gopi that its waste to act innocent, she has planned well for this marriage. If she doesnt know anything then why she has come in a bride's dress. Vidya yells at koki, not to yell at gopi. Everyone shocks listening this. Vidya again says, she cant yell at her mother and speak rudely with her mom. She will answer to all her questions. They all kids have planned this. You told koki as her mother but she is yelling at you. I want to have my family so i have done all this. Koki wonders listening this. Koki asks whats this. Gopi says that vidya is their child. All get emotional looking at vidya. Ahem hugs vidya and recalls hugging mira. Everyone hug vidya and feel happy. Before gopi hugs koki, koki stops her and asks urmi to take kids out as she wants to talk to gopi. Vidya says ahem not to leave her alone again and leaves from there. After kids leave, koki yells at gopi for keeping vidya away from them. 

Ahem says gopi that vidya doesnt need her now and she will live with him now.