Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2014 Written Update

At urmi's mansion, All lady modis arrive. Urmi-madhu invites them in. Hetal invites madhu for radha-ahem's marriage. but without answering madhu says she would talk to radha once and takes her to kitchen. Madhu asks radha why is she marrying ahem when gopi is alive. Radha replies that she wants to become a family member of modis and now ahem or modis would accept gopi now so she can attend the marriage without any hesitation. Here in pappu's room, kids will be discussing about how to stop the marriage. Radha comes out and says modis that madhu was worried about preparations. Hetal says they will be happy if radha's parents will be in the marriage. Urmi says madhu isnt happy with this marriage and same goes with her. Madhu says she wasnt present for radha's first marriage and she couldnt bless her but now she will not repeat it and surely attend the marriage. Urmi-rashi will be pissed off as madhu had agreed to the marriage.

In pappu's room, tolu gets a plan that they have exams and they could go to school again. Tolu calls hostel and asks for vidya. Kids tell vidya to make a call to their parents and tell them that kids have exam from next day. Vidya agrees. Vidya requests an attender to make a call to tolu-molu's parents. He agrees and calls rashi. He calls rashi and tells her about the exams. Rashi hangs on the call and yells for the kids. Rashi and kinjal scolds the kids for not telling them about the exams. Hetal feels bad how can they conduct marriage without kids. So koki decides no marriage without kids. Rashi feels happy listening this. Again koki says they would conduct the marriage near by to the hostel so that the kids can attend the marriage. Pappu asks kinjal that he wants to talk to dhawal. Kinjal agrees.

Kids call ahem. Pappu tells ahem to drop them at hostel as they have exams. Ahem denies. Pappu requests ahem that vidya is waiting for him to come. But ahem rejects to come and hangs on the call. At urmi's place, madhu will be worried about radha's marriage. Jitthu consoles her and tells radha will be happy in modi bhawan.