Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 14 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2014 Written Update

 Bha requests koki to allow hasmuk (jigar) to stay in their home. Koki finds Jigna(rashi) is worried for jigar and denies to allow jigar to stay. And says she will finish jigna's marriage as early as possible and hasmuk will take care of all the arrangements. Rashi-jigar remains shocked. On the road, dhaval finds police and thinks of saying everything to them but he gets the call from the goons and they warns not to reveal everything to police. Dhaval will be worried for pappu and stops himself. Here in modi bhawan, rashi will be worried about her marriage and hetal tries to console her. Gopi comes there and says them that they should do something by which koki recalls her memory and stops all this fuss. 

Dhaval goes to the goons office and their a person explains his work. Here on road, radha meets tripti and explains her about the fuss koki is doing in the home, dhaval will be loading goods into the auto where this evil ladies are discussing. Here in modi bhawan, koki asks parag to help her to find a good match for jigna. Tripti and radha will be discussing in a hotel about mira might regain her memory. Dhaval finds radha and goes to her. Tripti covers herself and radha says him that she has come to meet her friend showing tripti. Dhaval doesnt recognize tripti and leaves from there. Radha and tripti decide to do something so that koki shouldnt regain her memory. Koki makes a list of grooms for jigna. Hetal comes there and asks koki to help her in collecting mirchi from upstairs. Dhaval brings the load in the auto and gives to the goons. The goon leader hits dhaval for sending their friend to jail. Police comes there and arrests the goons. The goons think dhaval has cheated them by giving information to police. The police leave. Dhaval finds lots of money and collects all of them and takes with him. 

Here in modi bhawan, rashi-gopi find koki coming there and starts washing laptop. Koki finds this and tries remembering the past. Hetal starts acting, scolds gopi for washing the laptop. Ahem-chirag-parag comes there. For shocking, koki asks hetal what is a laptop and why is she scolding gopi as she has just washed ahem's toys. All remain shocked. Koki asks gopi not to feel bad and they would buy another toy for ahem. Koki leaves from there. Ahem scold gopi for doing all this. But gopi says she too wishes koki regains her memory as he wishes.