Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi-radha wish about holi. Everyone come downstairs. Savitha comes to modi bhawan and invites them for holi. Ahem-koki denies to come. So bha says it might be her last holi and requests them to play along. Ahem-koki asks bha not to speak so and agrees to play. All of them go into the garden. Ahem-gopi watches rashi-jigar playing holi and feels bad. Urmi plays with hetal and tries to put color on koki but stops herself. But koki wishes her so she keeps color on koki and leaves. Kids decide to play gobar holi with radha. Rashi scolds urmi to plan something to make gopi-ahem together again so that ahem doesnt marry radha. Rashi leaves from there. Radha overhears this and scolds urmi for helping rashi. Urmi says she will not help rashi. Now rashi hears this and asks urmi for joining hands with radha. Rashi scolds radha to stop to dreaming. But radha says that she would plan something and will marry ahem. Rashi scolds urmi that radha is like a snake who will never help others. 

Radha takes a plate of color and will be walking towards ahem but kids throw dung on her and she slips. Gopi helps her from slipping and gopi grabs color plate from radha's hand, but it spills on ahem. Everyone shocks but ahem leaves. Rashi taunts radha that only destined couple will be together. Radha leaves. Koki asks kids not to play with dung. But rashi appreciates kids for teasing radha. 

Rashi goes to kitchen and urmi follows her. Rashi will be angry with urmi as she is helping radha other than her. Urmi says she has some plan. Urmi says they will give bhang to ahem-gopi then they will become together. They start preparing laddus with bhang. Rashi-urmi plan to give bhang laddus to ahem and send to gopi. Radha overhears this and shocks. Rashi says laddus with bhang have kaju on them. 

Rashi-urmi comes back to garden and asks kids to come inside. Rashi-urmi says kids that they will have a competition of eating laddus between jigar-ahem. Here in modi bhawan, all modis gather taking rest.