Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2014 Written Update

At boot camp, hetal will be worried that she and koki might not be successful in playing with the kids as they are aged now. But rashi-gopi consoles her and says they both can do it. Koki comes there and takes hetal to the kids. Chief says today mothers as well play with the kids. Tolu-koki, hetal-molu, gopi-vidya, rashi-pappu team up. Gouri will be remained alone, so radha says she would take gouri in her team. Gouri comes to radha but will be scared of radha. Chief explains the task. Chief asks all the mothers to wear salwar suits for comfort. Hetal will be happy as koki will not be interested in wearing salwar so they can quit playing. Hetal says the chief that she and koki cannot take part in the game, but koki comes there in a salwar suit and says if they want to play with their kids then they have to dress up in salwar. Savita and hetal agree to dress up in salwar. 

Dhaval-kinjal-urmi-madhu in a calm area, dhaval digs to bury the inspector. they place inspector in the pit and keep the sand on him but he wakes up. Shah's get scared, the inspector sneezes so urmi says ghost doesnt sneeze and go back to him. Shah's hit him and think of taking him to police. The 4 people come back home. Urmi says jitthu that they have taken the goon to police station. After enquiry they came back home. Dhaval still doubts where the money has gone and urmi remains shocked. 

At modi bhawan, in the night, jigar comes to rashi's room and thinks of playing a prank with her. Jigar goes near to rashi and tries kissing her but koki comes there. Koki yells at jigar for trying to kiss rashi. Rashi wakes up and tries to stop koki. Koki drags jigar into the hall grabbing his collar. Modis come into the hall,  koki yells at jigar once again for his mistake. Koki calls radha who was working in the kitchen. Ahem-hetal scold jigar for making such mistake. Koki brings radha into the hall, koki says radha that she would arrange her marriage with hasmuk (jigar). All remains shocked. Koki asks radha whether she wants to marry hasmuk. Jigar tries to talk but koki scolds and stops him. Rashi gives an angry look at radha to say no. Radha remembers how rashi has tortured her when she was thinking to marry ahem and replies as yes. Koki says they would arrange the marriage very soon but rashi yells that they cant get married as its very less time. Koki says they would arrange the marriage after the kids boot camp. 

Next day, rashi scolds jigar that koki is trying to marry her husband to radha. Jigar enjoys her jealousy and replies rashi that he too was feeling bad when koki was looking alliances for her.