Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Rashi slaps radha and says she is the one who was changing koki's tablets and this is the reason why koki's health isnt improving. All get shocked. Radha finds everyone believing rashi so Radha defends herself as innocent saying she was checking the tablets as they were different. And she doesnt know who has changed the tablets. But still rashi says she is the culprit so radha admits her mistake. All remain shocked. Radha says she doesnt wants koki to be fine. Again says she is innocent and she doesnt know whats written on the bottle also. Radha cries and again says when no one believes her then she should leave the house right now. Radha walks in, koki comes there and finds everyone gathered in the garden area. Koki asks whats happening here. But hetal says radha to go with koki and take care of her. Radha walks off with koki. Rashi will be angry that hetal has believed radha. Jigar says they would give complaint in police station. rashi says she too would come along. Rashi determines to keep an eye on radha now. 

Ahem-dhaval-jigar goes to police station. Koki denies to take tablets. Here rashi says gopi that she is doubting radha about the exchange of tablets. Koki says parag that she would take tablets which are given by radha only as no one in the house is supporting her. Rashi-jigar come back, koki in the hall. Rashi opens the main door along with jigar thinking to sleep in their room and in the morning they would get up and go to servant's room. But koki finds the couple. Koki scolds rashi and sends the couple away. Kinjal-dhaval will be worried about koki. Kinjal thinks of going to meet koki next day. Rashi will be angry that she couldnt sleep because of mosquitoes. So jigar takes rashi to their car and unlocks it. Jigar switches on the AC and both sleep. But koki comes there and scolds jigar. Koki locks the vehicle and leaves. The couple will be upset. Next day, rashi knocks the window and asks jigar to bring keys. Rashi comes into the house.