Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 9 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th June 2014 Written Update

On the streets, koki scolds ahem saying he was trying to kill her. Other people defend ahem but koki thinks they are supporting him. Ahem requests others to stay calm. Koki says she will never leave him and leaves from there. Koki will be trying find an auto and ahem follows her. But koki thinks he is trying to kill her. Koki takes an auto but still ahem follows her. Koki tries to remember her previous accident and gets confused. Koki gets down at modi bhawan and hurries inside the home. Ahem gives money to driver and calls rashi to come outside with jigar. Radha calls tripti and says koki is strongly believing ahem is trying to kill her and might have left home. Radha finds koki coming back and gets disappointed. 

At urmi's house, ahem calls gopi and explains his accident with koki. But urmi will be curious about ahem's meeting. Gopi gets tensed. But ahem consoles and says he too is worried about koki. Gopi hangs on the call. Gopi says he has met with an accident with koki so he couldnt attend the meeting. Urmi feels disappointed as she has lost an opportunity to get money. Ahem scolds rashi-jigar for leaving koki alone. Koki comes to her and finds ahem talking with rashi-jigar in front of the house and shocks. Radha comes there and asks what happened to her. Koki shows ahem-jigar-rashi discussing. Koki explains radha that ahem was trying to kill her and she has experienced the same before. Radha shocks and tries to divert the matter. Koki sends radha to leave as she is busy. Koki calls parag but couldnt connect. Koki thinks of asking parag about ahem's release. 

Dhawal comes back home. Gopi says he seems happy these days, urmi comes there and taunts the couple that they would suffer in future because of pooja. Hetal-rashi will be worried about koki. Koki comes into kitchen, rashi tries talking to her but koki ignores both the ladies and says she doesnt want to believe them and she would cook her food herself. In the cupboard, koki finds gopi's pickle and asks why gopi on the pickle bottle and who is rashi? Rashi says gopi-rashi are sisters and they both opened this business, rashi sint cute as gopi so they printed gopi's picture on bottle. Again rashi asks koki to have food but she denies to have. She takes 2 rotis and leaves from there. Radha takes water to koki's room and says they might be trying to kill her and she would take care of her all time. Koki thanks radha for taking care of her. Radha feeds to koki. Koki takes the pickle bottle and says she would keep it with her if not others might mix poison in it. Ahem comes back home. Ahem will be angry with rashi-jigar for not taking care of koki. Gopi explains ahem to be cool and says everything will be fine. Gopi calls rashi, rashi explains her about koki's doubts and ahem scolding them. Gopi gets worried and says rashi to take care of all the things on which their names or pics printed. Hetal says there are few silver things in koki's cupboard and they should take them out.