Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, rashi says yesterday she dint prepare tiffin for tolu-molu so she gave money to them. Gopi says she should have thought about vidya as well. Rashi takes it wrong and says that till now she dint take care of mira-vidya and was taking care of only tolu-molu. Both start arguing on this point. Finally rashi says gopi that each will take care of their children. Koki gets angry and yells at rashi that she and hetal has never thought about this and have treated everyone as one. Rashi takes away tolu-molu angrily. Koki says that rashi will never change and walks off with hetal-kids-bha. Gopi is left alone crying. Anurag comes there and finds gopi crying. Anurag thinks gopi isnt happy in this house, he came to modi bhawan only to watch her. Anurag determines himself that one day he would take far away gopi from this house and give her lots of love and smiles. Anurag comes to gopi and says he is back as he has forgot his pencil box. Mira comes there with his pencil box. While taking the box from mira, anurag slips and falls on ground. Gopi helps in getting up. Anurag says his leg and arms are hurt so he takes help from gopi. Rashi calls urmi and explains about the dispute with gopi. Tolu-molu will be playing carroms with rashi, mira-vidya comes there. Rashi asks mira-vidya to play with them for a while and then study. Gopi applies balm on anurag's hands and legs. Anurag feels happy that after a long time he is "feeling" gopi's touch. 

At urmi's house, dhaval comes home drenched. Madhu asks why he has come drenched. Dhaval says pooja wanted to get drenched on scooter so he helped her. Kinjal comes there and says dhaval that pooja has called her and told that they both got drenched. Kinjal asks dhaval to change. At modi bhawan, gopi comes to rashi's room and finds all playing carroms without studying. Gopi asks the kids to study. Rashi takes gopi's words in a wrong way and argues with gopi. Pooja calls dhaval's mobile, madhu takes the call and asks pooja not to call dhaval in the night time and try to finish up the office work in office hours only. But kinjal comes there and takes her mobile and apologizes pooja. At modi bhawan, rashi complaints hetal-koki about gopi that gopi does the difference between her kids and gopi's. Anurag hears this and feels gopi might not be happy in this house and rashi wants to show gopi bad. Koki says hetal that she cant believe in rashi's words.