Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, pari comes there to take tolu-molu back to modi bhawan. But kids denies to come along with her. Urmi hits pari with a broom stick and yells that kids doesnt come with her. Pari ties urmi to a chair. Pari stops kinjal-madhu not to help urmi till she leaves with kids. Kids deny to go with pari. Pari convinces kids that if they dont return to modi bhawan then she will take away their father to US. Kinjal also convinces kids to go back to modi bhawan. Kids leave with pari. Kinjal unties urmi. Jigar says he would go to urmi's house to bring back his kids. But pari comes there with kids. Jigar-kids hug and feel happy.  Pari asks jigar whether he is happy. Jigar yells to leave from there. Pari replies that she cannot go away from his mind and heart. Modis will be looking at pari very angrily. Pari goes to koki and says she is too cute when she is angry. Pari goes to her room. Kids say everyone that they dislike pari. Koki determines and says she would collect all the evidence against pari in one week and let her leave modi bhawan. Gopi and all support koki. 

Later, in the night, pari asks jigar on which side she has to sleep on the bed. All others come there. Koki scolds pari how can she sleep with jigar. Pari says she is jigar's wife so she has a right to sleep with him. Koki scolds pari not to be so shameless. Jigar says koki not to waste her energy yelling at pari. Jigar takes his bag and says pari to sleep alone and he would sleep outside. While jigar leaving, pari grabs his bag and pushes away everyone out and locks inside. Pari takes out jigar's passport from his bag and lights fire to it. Jigar and all request her not to do so but she lights fire. Jigar remains speechless. Pari opens the door. Jigar finds his passport burnt and gets hyper. Jigar ties slapping pari but ahem stops him and takes away jigar from there. Modis leave from there. Pari wonders why modis are angry with her when she has helped them. Later, in kids room, kids feel irritated with pari's behavior and think of troubling her. Pari talks to someone on mobile that she will arrange money as early as possible and asks him to finish the work. Jigar calls an agent and says he need another passport as early as possible. Jigar finds a police constable outside their house. 

Koki-hetal-gopi will be discussing how to send pari away from their house. Gopi says only urmi can help them. Kids also come there and tells elders that they will help them. But hetal explains kids to think about their studies and playing. Gopi says koki that she would go to urmi and talk to her. Koki-hetal decide to collect few proofs against pari. Koki goes into pari's room and searches all the things belong to pari. Koki finds pari's handbag in the cupboard and thinks from this they can get something important.