Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 15 August 2014

Veera 15th August 2014 Written Update

Veera, Ranveer come to baldev's house and think of asking nihal abou taking responsibilities of the krishi vidyalaya. Veera-Ranveer come inside. Nihal asks why they have come in the morning. Baldev says veera that its her house and she can come anytime. All look surprised at baldev. Baldev covers saying veera and ranveer are their own relatives so they can come anytime. Nihal smiles at baldev. All start discussing, veera asks nihal to take the responsibility of krishi vidyalaya. Nihal says he is returning to Poland in the night and he'll be supportive to them all time. Veera insists nihal to stay back. Ranveer asks whats the problem. All ask nihal to stay back. But nihal says he has some work at Poland so he has to reurn. Nihal goes upstairs. Ranveer follows him. Baldev-veera get upset. Nihal holds veera's family picure and says himself that though ranveer has forgiven him but anyhow he will be giving them pain of losing their father because of him so he had to leave them. Ranveer comes downstairs. Veera asks what has happened and did nihal agree to stay back. Nihal comes downstairs. Ranveer seriously says nihal to come home to meet everyone at home before leaving. Nihal wonders at ranveer's behavior. Ranveer takes veera and comes out. Ranveer says nihal is still guilty so they need to make him realise about his real feelings to make him stop. Veera agrees. Veera explains her plan to baldev. 

Baldev goes to market with his friend, his friend shows the cab driver and says he is the one who will be taking nihal to airport. Baldev goes to the driver and bribes him money and says him to switch off his mobile. The cab driver agrees. Nihal comes to veera's house, he will be surprised looking at his pictures with veera and ranveer. He feels happy looking at them. Ranveer says he has given all this sweet moments to them, he was in their lives so how can he live in Poland alone and how does he expect them to live alone. Ranveer hugs and cries but nihal disagrees to stay back. Chaiji asks ranveer let him leave to Poland as his wish, if he had love for them and concern for them then he wouldnt leave, now he loves the people over there so he doesnt need them. Nihal tries to defend but couldnt speak his real feelings. Chaiji asks ratan to ask nihal to stay back and she does. Nihal says he cant stay back. Baldev comes there. Nihal asks about his cab and he replies that cab has left so nihal says he would adjust himself. 

Nihal comes back to veera's house.