Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari gets ready to meet her friends. She thinks of going through kitchen door. While getting out of the kitchen's window, one glass falls on ground and breaks. Gopi who was passing by hears this glass breaking sound and walks there. She finds the broken glass and opened window and wonders, while pari hides behind the fridge. Pari makes sound while going out, Gopi still feels suspicious but ahem takes her away into their room. Gopi sleeps but will be still suspicious. Pari goes out through kitchen's window. Pari enjoys time with her friends and gets tired and sleeps there itself. Next day, ahem knocks jigar's door and asks him to come for jog. Pari wakes up at her friend's house and gets nervous. Gopi shows the keys and tells koki that she has locked the kitchen's window herself and now its open. Tolu comes there and asks gopi whether she has seen pari anywhere as she is missing. Gopi-koki doubts where can pari go in this early morning. 

Pari on the road calls someone and asks to come soon. In a auto, a person gives a dupatta and pooja thali and leaves. Koki thinks of asking ahem-jigar to search for pari but she comes home back. Pari says she went to temple in the morning. When gopi asks for kitchen's window, pari admits that she has opened it. Gopi asks pari to tell them before leaving the house. Pari agrees. While pari leaving to her room, gopi asks pari why she dint check the mandir's pooja thali other than preparing thali in kitchen. Koki defends and says its good to know that pari went to temple. Koki asks pari to go to her room. Still gopi doubts pari. In pari's room, she will be talking to someone, urmi comes there. Pari doubts how she has come into the room. Urmi says she has come though pipe. Urmi yells at pari that day what she has promised. In the flash back, pari convinces urmi saying modis arent planning to give tolu-molu to her so if she helps her in winning modis heart to stay back in modi bhawan then she will never allow kids leave alone. Now, urmi scolds pari that she is enjoying all night with her friends and how can she take care of her grand sons. Pari says she would take care of her kids as she has promised. In the kitchen, gopi cleans the pooja thali which pari brought and finds urmi's name on it. Gopi remembers pari saying molu that urmi is busy talking to ghosts and doubts something fishy running behind them.