Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Shah family arrive. Kinjal says everyone that she is happy that they are celebrating navraathri. Koki says its only because of pari. All participate in maata's pooja. While giving aarthi, jigar remains in tears remembering rashi. He slips the aarthi plate but pari grabs. Pari-jigar together does the aarthi. After pooja, all leave from mandir, except gopi. Gopi stops pari. Pari admits that she has exchanged garbo with football. Gopi explains pari that she lies and tries to make everyone happy which isnt right. Again gopi says she would have told her to bring garbo home. But pari taunts that she should have told her before going for shopping. Pari leaves. Gopi prays maata rani to help her to find the real intentions of pari. Suddenly there will be power cut. Koki calls gopi to bring a candle. While taking the candle, gopi hears pari talking to someone. Urmi-pari will be talking, urmi thanks pari for making everyone to remember rashi. But pari asks urmi that she should help her to win jigar's heart, and in return she will give tolu-molu from gopi. Gopi lights the candle and finds urmi-pari. Gopi says both the ladies that maata rani has shown the true colors of urmi-pari at the same time. Urmi-pari begs gopi not to tell anyone about this deal. But gopi denies to listen. Urmi tries to warn gopi not to go against her. But gopi in return scolds urmi that she isnt a fool anymore who used to obey her all the time. Life has taught her a lot so she will stand for her family if any problem raises. Gopi walks off from there and pari will be begging behind her not to say anything to modis. But gopi comes downstairs into hall where all present. 

Urmi yells at pari that she wants her to help to win jigar's heart. Urmi acts as if she is scolding pari that she cannot give rashi's place to someone. Gopi says urmi is lieing. Gopi says everyone that urmi-pari were on a deal that if urmi helps pari to win jigar's heart then she would give away tolu-molu to her forever. Urmi defends herself that pari asked to help her in winning jigar and takes care of tolu-molu. But she denies. Pari admits that she has asked for urmi's help and wanted to take care of tolu-molu. When she has come into modi bhawan she found the love between rashi-jigar and now wishing for jigar's love. And she has seen a loving care from gopi so she wants all this love forever. Koki asks gopi what she has listened. Gopi explains. Both urmi-pari defend that gopi has learned wrong while bhajan going on. Urmi scolds gopi that she is jealous so she wants pari to leave modi bhawan.