Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi yells at pari that she has collected all the proofs and she has called police as well. Gopi shows the video to koki. Police arrive. Gopi searches the video in her mobile but couldnt find. Gopi calls the hotel manager and asks him to send the waiter to police station. But he says the waiter has run away and they are searching for him. Gopi shocks. Koki says police that they have no proofs against pari. Koki apologizes police and they leave. Gopi will be wondering how the video has been deleted when she has recorded properly. Koki says she has deleted the video. Modis wonder. Koki says she too used to think to collect proofs against pari and send her away from their home but after observing pari she felt that she should give a chance to pari. Gopi replies koki that pari isnt the best girl for jigar nor for their family. Koki taunts gopi saying, when she has selected her for ahem even gopi wasnt right to ahem. Hetal defends gopi saying pari has done all the mistakes from day one. Koki says we should give a chance to pari as she loves jigar a lot and may be in future she can take care of kids as well. Jigar denies to give a chance to pari as his wife. Jigar rushes to his room and thows away pari's clothes and things. Koki stops him and explains, may be pari has done all the mistakes till now but he should give a chance to pari once. Jigar yells at koki that though all have forgot rashi, he cannot and forever he cannot forget rashi. Ahem scolds jigar not to yell at koki. But jigar cries and tells ahem that he can accept everything koki says but not regarding pari as he cannot forget rashi and accept pari. Jigar leaves angrily from there. Hetal-bha also disagree to force jigar to accept pari. Gopi says koki she was always with her but not now. Koki says she is feeling strongly that they should give a chance to pari as she loves jigar a lot and may be one day jigar also loves her. Gopi says she would support her all time as she believes in pari now. Later, koki prays khana ji to help her in supporting pari. Pari comes there and thanks koki for supporting her. Koki says she has defended her from her own family so she shouldnt disspoint her. Pari agrees and thanks koki for helping her.