Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2014 Written Update

At raman's house, Bala comes there, raman says doshi is leaving to US tonight. Raman says everyone that flight is at 3'o clock so till that time they should pass time. All plan to have fun together. Raman asks mihir to stay back. Raman and ishitha will be arranging snacks, ishitha asks raman whether he has listened something when she was talking to mika. Bala comes there so raman changes the topic and acts as though he dint listen. Ishitha remains confused. Ishitha will be worried that raman shouldnt have listened to her words. Ishitha scolds milka for leaving without telling her as she was talking about raman and later she found out raman was behind her. Milka says they would play truth-dare game and find out whether he has listened or not. Gents agree to play. Mika gets the first chance, mika prefers dare. Bala asks mika to french kiss mihir. Mika brings a mirror and kisses mihir though it. Next raman gets the chance, raman chooses truth. Ishitha asks whether he has listened to any lady's words secretly. Raman says yes. Raman says he would share what he has listened. But ishitha stops him. But others insist to tell. Raman says he listened to ruhi's words, ruhi is in love with mutthu and she dint realize till now. Ishitha remains shocked. Mr bhalla comes there and asks raman to start off to airport. So all leave. Raman-ishitha in car will be waiting outiside, raman says ishitha that they would wait till doshi's immigration as she was worried about it. Ishitha agrees. Raman sleeps, after a while he leans on ishitha's shoulder. Ishitha feels happy that raman is so close to her. Raman wakes up. Raman makes fun with ishitha that he heard whatever she told. Ishitha tries to defend herself that the real meaning behind her words wasnt what he heard. Raman starts smiling and says he dint listen anything. Ishitha feels relieved. Raman says ishitha that one day she would directly tell him what she actually thinks. Both look at eachother and raman winks at her. 

Later, ashok-suraj will be worried as shagun is busy in her wedding preparations. So suraj acts as if he is talking to his mama ji and invites him for ashok's wedding. After hanging on the call, suraj says ashok-shagun that their mama ji is so old and doesnt know that ashok-shagun are living together since 5 years so he might feel bad. Shagun asks what they should do. Suraj suggests shagun to stay with mihir till their wedding and by following all the wedding customs ashok would marry her. Shagun agrees. Ishitha comes to their room and finds raman kept his normal shirt to wear. She matches the blazer with the shirt and keeps everything ready for him. Raman comes there and finds this. Raman asks ishitha why is she behaving like his wife. Raman starts commenting ishitha about her fashionless clothes. Both start arguing about eachother's sense of fashion. Mihir-mika comes there. Mihir gets a call from ashok saying shagun-aadhi will be staying with him till the wedding.