Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, urmi insists dhaval-kinjal that they should leave the chawl now as the monkeys are dangerous. But the couple rejects in leaving the chawl. Later, urmi cuts some hair of the monkey toy and thinks of making kinjal to believe that there are monkeys in the chawl. Again, urmi acts scared that she got attacked with black monkey. Urmi shows the doll's hair. Kinjal wonders how a monkey's hair looks synthetic. Pappu shows his monkey toy and asks urmi not to get scared, its just a toy. Later, urmi talks to someone that she is ready to sell away the chawl and she is still trying to force the neighbors to leave the chawl. But pappu escorts her all the time and she couldnt succeed.

At modi bhawan, gopi slips but koki grabs her. Koki wonders that gopi is still worried about pari's behavior. Gopi says pari is making her worried. Koki explains gopi that she has gone out of line to prove pari wrong she has kept sindoor on the money. But she has to give a chance to pari to show her good deeds as well. Gopi agrees. They both hear tolu-molu arguing on something and rush outside. Outside tolu-molu will be fighting with savitha's grand children. The elders rush there and stop them. Savitha's grand kids say tolu-molu that they are junglee (mischievous). Koki says savitha to keep them in control and give them right manners. Jigar asks tolu-molu to apologize them, but pari stops them. Pari says savitha to stay in control and not make her to show the real junglee of her. Pari sends kids to school. Savitha leaves with her kids. Pari yells at jigar that he should have told savitha that she is his wife and mother of tolu-molu. But jigar yells back not to force him to become his wife nor mother of tolu-molu. Meeti drops kids in the bus and while walking back home, the mysterious "X" will be following her. A dog from neighborhood barks on meeti. Meeti finds its tied and teases it back. Meeti walks towards modi bhawan, and the X person releases the dog. The dog rushes to meeti and bites her. At modi bhawan, ladies find dog biting meeti and helps her. In the same time the dog owner comes there and rescues meeti. He tells modis that dog was given all the vaccines. Gopi-pari take meeti to hospital. Later they come back. Gopi tells koki that doc has asked meeti to take rest. Gopi assures elders that she will take care of work. Koki asks gopi to take help of pari. The X person mixes some liquid in modi's food. Pari denies to have food as she is on diet. Modi ladies have food. Later, all the ladies who had food start vomiting.