Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 20 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2014 Written Update

 Ishu-raman meet, ishu will be very happy. Ishu tries to ask raman about fasting. But raman tries to change the topic that moon is out and she should hurry to do pooja. Ishu gets a call from mani, so she walks to her room. Raman doubts why she has left and who has called her. Mani explains ishu that ashok is behind romi-sarika's court case. Ishu gets nervous and asks mani to keep it secracy as this case might effect raman's new position as asia head. Mani agrees to help her. Ishu says mani to keep it secret from raman. Raman over hears these last words. Ishu hangs on the call and says raman that it was her patient's call. Raman checks ishu's mobile and finds its mani. Raman gets angry as ishu is secretly calling mani now, and if they are just friends then they can talk openly. 

Milka finds the necklace which shagun has sent as the same one which ashok has offered her. Milka calls shagun and says she cant accept this, but shgun insists so she accepts. Milka thinks of calling ashok and make him come home. Milka calls ashok and says she needs to talk to him about chennai project which she would do after their pooja. Ashok agrees and says he would meet her at home. Milka will be happy that plan has worked. Milka takes a picture with necklace on and sends to ashok. Ashok thinks milka is slowly falling for him. 

All the punjabi ladies start the pooja as explained by toshi. Raman will be still angry, ishu does her pooja. Milka does with mihir. Ishu gives water to raman and breaks his fasting. Toshi-bhalla-mihir makes fun of raman. Raman leaves angrily. Toshi says raman loves her a lot. Ashok-shagun finsihes the pooja and come into the house. Ashok will be angry with raman-ishu as he has missed the asia head position because mani has suggested raman's name. Shagun asks whats their relation. Ashok says mani is ishu's childhood friend. Shagun doubts who is this friend who is so close to ishu. Mihir-milka comes back to mihir's place. Ashok finds the necklace on milka and feels happy, milka feels happy as he has come to break shagun's fasting. 

At night, raman comes to his room. Ishu determines herself that she will protect raman from all the bad people. Ishu thanks raman for fasting for her. Raman says he was busy all day and he doesnt believe in all these. Raman again says, they dont have any wife-husband relation so she need not expect much from him. Raman gets into bed. Ishu gets upset and thinks though he doesnt admit their relation she will never leave him alone with any problem.