Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 6 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th October 2014 Written Update

At raman's house, all does aarthi. Ishitha faints. Raman tries waking her up. Ishu gets nose bleed so bhallas think of taking her to hospital. Raman brings ishitha to hospital along with all the gents. Raman finds all the doctors on strike and yells at componders to call doctor as his wife is fainted. Mani calls the dean and requests to send doctor as its emergency. At ashok's office, milka scolds ashok for sending a costly smartphone to her. Ashok asks milka to accept the gift as he has spoiled her phone. At the same time shagun comes there. Ashok explains the situation to shagun. Shagun asks milka to accept the gift. Milka feels pity for shagun as she blindly believing ashok. Raman yells out at everyone at hospital as no doctor is taking care of ishu. Milka will be trying to get auto but couldnt. Ashok-shagun give lift to milka and drops her at the hospital. In the hospital, Romi fills the form wrongly, raman yells at him because ishu got stressed as he complained about ishu to doshi and got scolded. Romi too yells at raman that he always mistreats ishu all time. Mani gets a call so he comes out. Ashok drops milka at hospital and meets mani there. Ashok learns mani is ishu's friend. Ashok explains mani that raman's ex-wife is shagun whom he is going to marry and raman married ishu about ruhi. Mani feels bad about ishu. Vandhu calls bala but gets a busy tone. Later bala takes vandhu's call and thinks its someother person and yells at her. Vandhu asks him what happened. Bala asks vandhu that he was worried about ishu and will call later. Later, raman-mani meets doctor. Raman couldnt answer any of the questions related to ishu. Mani tells doctor that ishu had intestines problem, fasts every alternate day and her blood group. Raman gets upset about this. Mrs ayyar couldnt remember where she kept ishu's files. She cries as she couldnt remember. Mani consoles her, she remembers that ishu's reports might be in her room. Vandhu-mani-ayyar rush to ishu's room. Ayyar finds the file. There ruhi asks them about ishu. Mani explains ruhi that ishu is in hospital because she has fast all day. Ruhi says she would go to hospital, but mani promises ruhi that he would take her when ishu is fine. Ruhi agrees. Mani explains ayyar to stay back and takes the reports to hospital.