Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 3 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, radha tells all the ladies that its all true and they need not worry about it. Radha again says she can even show their mating video to confirm it. Gopi scolds radha for talking so low with the person whom she used to refer as brother. Radha gives an evil smile and leaves. Urmi dreams radha troubling tolu-molu and gets scared that her dream might come true. Urmi calls jigar, gopi will be walking to kitchen but hears phone ringing and finds its from jigar's room and goes inside. Jigar will be upset watching rashi's picture. Gopi takes the call. Urmi will be worried about tolu-molu. Gopi assures she would take care of tolu-molu and hangs on the call. Gopi consoles jigar. They hear some songs playing in the house and rushes out. Modis gather in hall because of the sound. Modis finds radha doing aarthi to khana ji. Koki gets angry but gopi stops her and says they shouldnt scold her as she feels provoked with this. Pari remains calm as radha has blackmailed her that she would reveal all her secrets before modis. Savitha and other neighbors come to modi bhawan and scold koki for playing songs with high volume. Koki apologizes and savitha leaves. Koki scolds radha for troubling everyone with her behavior. 

Radha says koki to bless her but she denies. Radha asks koki how about uploading herself-jigar's mating video on FB then their name & fame will be ruined forever. Jigar gets angry and yells at radha to upload wherever she wants. Koki yells at radha that they arent scared of her and she can do anything she wants. Koki again says pray khana ji to give a pure mind as gopi. Koki asks everyone not to bother her and everyone to leave. Next day, pari will be stressed and will be having chocolate. Mehta comes there, pari says she cannot do anything as radha would reveal her plan before modis and they would drag her out. Mehta says radha is very intelligent and they should plan very carefully. Mehta thinks of a plan against radha using tolu-molu. Later, gopi gives medicines to jigar and asks not to have stress. Radha comes there and tells gopi-jigar that she has added poison in water which jigar had. Gopi gets scared and calls out for everyone. Modis get worried for jigar, but radha says everyone that she was just kidding with them. Hetal gets hyper and yells at radha to tell what she wanted. Radha gives an evil smile and says she has shown a 
trailer that what else can she do. Radha leaves. Koki determines to kick radha out of the house. 

Pari requests kids to help her to kick out of the house.