Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2014 Written Update

Radha to use Mira to break Koki-Gopi's relationship 

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Mira tells koki that she has studied for sometime and took permission to practice dance with gopi. Koki thinks gopi has ignored her words. Koki taunts gopi that she has started to ignore her words now. Pari defends gopi but koki stops her. Gopi explains koki that mira wasnt interested in studies in this time so she thought of giving mira some break so that she can feel relaxed and study well. Gopi again says she has seen so many kids in the school she has worked. Koki explains gopi that mira has started her studies a bit late so she has keep studying for long time. Koki warns gopi that she would feel guilty later about mira's studies. All leave to have dinner. Radha determines to use mira to break the relation between koki-gopi forever. 

At urmi's house, kinjal tells she has followed urmi and found that she is selling chawl to a builder. Kinjal tells urmi that chawl people would believe her and she shouldnt lie about dengue in the chawl. Urmi scolds dhaval-kinjal for interfering in her matters.  At modi bhawan, jigar scolds pari for spoiling his surprise holiday package for his parents. Pari thinks she has missed the package which has arrived later. Mira comes to koki and gives her gunguroo. Mira tells koki that because of her dance practice they both have argued and gopi told her to take permission from koki. Mira assures koki that she would pass with good marks and participate in dance competition as well. Koki agrees mira to participate in dance competition. Mira leaves happily. Mira meets gopi and tells koki has agreed. Gopi feels happy and sends mira to her room. Gopi finds this and calls gopi. Koki softly says now gopi has changed and this might be because of pari. If she keep on listening to mira's wishes then she would regret about her studies. 

Meeti gives a sorry card to pari, before meeti says something jigar calls her. So pari thinks jigar has sent the card. Koki brings the gunguroo to mira and wishes her best for the competition. Koki leaves. Mira goes to washroom. Radha walks into the room and cuts few strands of the gunguroo. And changes the exam timetable using a whitener and shuffling the exams. Builder calls urmi and asks when will be the chawl people vacate the chawl. Urmi tells these days are bad so she cant allow them to vacate so in 2 weeks she would make the chawl people to vacate. At modi bhawan, koki tells hetal that she would never forgive gopi if mira fails in studies. Hetal says mira would definitely pass. Kids come there and asks the ladies to take them to the competition. Hetal agrees. Even radha asks koki to allow her to come. 

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