Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 8 December 2014

Saath nibhana saathiya 8th December 2014 written update

At modi bhawan, koki-gopi console pari and asks her to be happy as jigar has softened his heart towards her now. Pari ad well feels happy about it. At urmi's housr, urmi has back pain and asks kinjal to massage her. But kinjal denies as urmi is responsible for all the problems at modi bhawan. Ahem tells a story about their family as a story to mira and vidya. Pari tells a story to tolu molu, jigar finds this and feels happy that kids are quite friendly with pari now. Radha comes to jigar a d asks him not to look at other woman as she too is his wife. Jigar threatens radha that they should celebrate their suhag raat with no delay, radha gets scared and leaves from there. Pari finds this and feels happy that jigar has scared radha. 

Modis decide to have a peace havan pooja in their house. Radha comes there and tells modis that its her birthday and they are arranging a special pooja. Radha takes jigsr to sit for pooja, but jigar takes pari to sit along for pooja. Radha gets pissed off. After pooja modis start off to orphanage. Urmi finds dengue has been spread alot in the city now. She gets a plan to kick her tenants out of the chawl. Urmi mixes a medicine in food and kinjal starts vomiting. Urmi will be happy as her plan has worked. Urmi takes kinjal to hospital, on the way back chawl people that kinjal is suffering with dengue and they should vaccate the chawl to stay safe. Chawl people will be happy as urmi assures them that she would take care for a new house.