Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 17th December 2014 Written Update

Raman starts to airport. Other family members ask raman to wait for ishu-ruhi. But raman denies to wait. Raman says he couldnt see ishu-ruhi while leaving. Finally toshi allows raman to leave. Raman says goodbye to everyone as if he isnt going to come back. Bhallas feel bad that raman isnt meeting ishu before leaving. Raman leaves to airport. Raman in car, recalls all the sweet moments with ishu. Ishu comes back home and wonders how could raman leave without saying bye to her and ruhi. Mani comes there. Even mani wonders why raman left. Mani reveals the truth that raman has left to singapore forever and he has applied for permanent resident and took a bachelor apartment. Mani says he met raman's boss and got all the information. Pathak comes there and tells that from now on she is free from the family. Ishu checks the file and shocks looking at the divorce papers. Ishu recalls how raman was telling her that she is a free bird now and no one will stop her. Mani says raman thinks ishu should be free now. Bhallas think of talking to raman. Ishu angrily says she would talk to him and listen to his explanation. Ishu allows toshi to come along with her and leaves angrily to airport. 

Raman arrives at the airport. There a lil girl will be calling for her father, raman feels its ruhi and turns back. Raman feels bad looking at the lil girl. Toshi-ishu in car will be scolding raman for being so stupid. A traffic police follows ishu's car as she breaks the signal. Toshi asks ishu to stop the car. The inspector asks ishu to show her licence and other car documents. Ishu gets down and starts scolding all the men and even raman. The inspector will be shocked at ishu's yelling. In the airport, raman will be hearing 2 other men discussing about their wives and enjoys their conversation. Ishu calls raman but he doesnt takes the call. Ishu gets hyper. The inspector says he has a plan to reach airport early. At airport, a punjabi will be suffering to understand his tamil FIL's words. Raman helps that punjabi. Raman says the guy that his wife is also a tamilian. That guy asks raman to tell his problem. The guy thinks raman's wife is angry with him and suggests to get back to her and beg her to forgive. Raman says its too late now and goes back to his seat. The police inspector takes ishu-toshi in a ambulance. At airport, raman goes for checking. Finally ishu-toshi reaches the airport. The security people doesnt allow them in. Toshi will be yelling for raman. Ishu requests the security to allow them in as her husband is leaving them and going to Singapore.