Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Saathiya Weekly Update: 12th to 17th Jan 2015 & Another leap details

Pari rescued by Modis 

While Vivan-radha discussing outside the truck, pari breaks the truck's window. She tries to escape from vivan. Vivan gets on the truck and tries to stop pari. Radha comes in front of the vehicle, so pari stops the van. Radha acts as if she has got hurt. Pari gets down and helps radha but radha grabs pari. Pari understands that its radha's plan. Vivan gets up and makes pari unconcious. Here gopi will be still trying to explain modis that pari is innocent. Gopi learns vivan was using ahem's car during the time of pari's kidnap. Gopi explains jigar that vivan wasnt in Delhi and he has kidnapped pari. Jigar takes pari's friend help to get the information that vivan wasnt there in flight on pari's kidnap date. Koki aswell learns and feels bad for pari. Modis decide to help pari from vivan. Modis send information to pari through a kite that they all are going to rescue her. Pari tells vivan that she has understood his love and wants to fly a kite in a mela. Next day vivan takes pari to mela. Modis dress as villagers and go to mela. Vivan finds gopi in mela. Pari escapes from vivan but radha's goons grab her and makes her unconcious. Radha plans to kill pari by making pari to sit in the ferry wheel. When pari wakes she finds herself in ferry wheel and she hangs on from the box. Radha stops the wheel and breaks the wires. Modis hold a large carpet below and pari falls on it. Modis will be
happy to see pari safe. Pari recognizes the goons who were with radha. But koki forgives them and leaves. Vivan will be caught by police. Modis finally accept pari as jigar's wife. 

Never ending Saathiya: Another Leap in drama

Saath Nibhana Saathiya which has already crossed 1000 episodes will be taking another leap. The kids tolu-molu-vidya-mira-pappu and radha's child will be all grown up. The story runs with their life track now. Its still suspence whether Kokila, Urmila, Gopi, Ahem and Jigar will be still in the drama or not. The production team is still in process for the new actors/actress. The new leap story will be aired from Feb 16th 2015.