Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ahem's new love to be revealed to Gopi

In present track, gopi has returned from jail after 10 years. Gopi comes back to modi bhawan expecting her modi family is all together but she shocks learning ahem left modi house along with mira and vidya. Pari has abandoned rashi. Kinjal leaves dhaval as he has slapped her. Accidently urmi's memory will be gone. Koki took rashi's responsibility and stays with urmila. Jigar still dint reveal his relation with rashi. All the kids are grown up. Tolu-molu are still naughty. Mira has changed into an ultra modern lady, vidya has changed into a calm and decent girl. With the help of tolu-molu gopi finds ahem's address. Ahem will be living with vidya-mira in Mumbai. Ahem has committed to a new lady Mansi. And mansi determines not to get separated from ahem though gopi comes in between. On holi day, finally gopi meets ahem. But ahem shocks gopi by saying about his new love life Mansi. Ahem also tells gopi that he is going to engage with mansi very soon and also invites gopi for the event. Gopi will be super shocked. Lets watch how gopi reacts and how she would win back ahem's love.