Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 23 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2015 Written Update

Mira insults gopi. Koki suddenly appears before ahem to stop the engagement ceremony. 

Gopi scolds mira not to yell nor misbehave with ahem as he is her parent. Mira keeps glaring at gopi. Gopi tells she dint forget that they are her kids. Mira leaves angrily. Mansi apologizes gopi on behalf of mira and taunts gopi saying mira and ahem-vidya no more considers her as their family and they hate her the most. Mansi again taunts gopi that ahem and herself shares a very close relationship and this engagement is just a formality. Gopi taunts back at mansi saying ahem still loves her and has been proved because he has waited for her for 10 years and dint marry her (mansi) till now. Mira will be very angry and thinks of teaching a lesson to gopi. 

Modis will be worried for gopi. Tolu consoles modis saying ahem will be convinced when he finds koki before him. Mira comes back to gopi and yells that she is just a disturbance in their life. They are happy with mansi-ahem. And they doesnt need any more, Gopi is just a guest and she wants to drag her out of the house right now. Ahem yells at mira to stop it. Mira tells ahem to continue their ring ceremony. Ahem asks gopi to bring his engagement ring. Gopi will be in tears. Ahem says "What happened. You told you shall do everything to prove her love". Gopi remembers her marriage and sweet moments with ahem and feels bad. Gopi brings the rings. Ahem determines to keep the ring and holds mansi's hand. While ahem putting on the ring, koki pushes away ahem's hand. Ahem finds koki and shocks. Koki tells everyone to leave as there will be no engagement ceremony as gopi is still ahem's wife and they divorce yet. So ahem cannot marry mansi without divorcing gopi. Koki recognizes mira-vidya, all hug affectionately. Koki feels bad as she has missed them for 10 years. Mira-vidya asks koki not to leave them now. Koki tells she came to take all of them with her. 

Ahem yells at koki saying he cannot become as parag who keeps listening to his wife and follows his wife all the time.