Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd March 2015 Written Update

Gopi remembers her sweet moments with ahem and feels bad how is her family (Aww poor baby). Vidya-mira come home. The girls call a new woman "mom" (Who the hell is she?). The new mom will be happy that vidya-mira is safe back home. They plan a surprise holi party for ahem (Again in US?). Girls will be all excited about surprise party. Here in modi bhawan, modis will be excited as they are happy about koki's arrival (Be ready for a great class by gopi now). But kinjal will be upset as koki will torture her again and takes away her freedom (We too dont want to listen the dialogues only by yelling) . Gopi comes back home. Gopi will be super angry that no one in modi bhawan has stopped koki to leave the house. Hetal-bha tell gopi that they have tried to stop koki. Gopi scolds bha that she should have ordered koki not leave the house and even ahem (Bha was quiet in all the serious situations baby). Gopi scolds hetal that she should have ordered her sister koki not to leave the house (When did koki listen to hetal?). Gopi scolds parag that he should have supported koki and should have stopped her (Hezz having fun now :) ). Gopi scolds pari that she has taken care only HER family and left gopi's (At least now scold pari properly). Now koki is missing her son, family, her grand daughters and living a pitiful life. Gopi will be angry with modis that they all have not stopped ahem-koki to do as they wished. Gopi again scolds pari that she has left rashi alone, no one has forced pari to accept rashi, and how could a mother can do that. How could pari blame a lil child about all the mistakes. How could she leave rashi alone as radha has given birth. Then tolu-molu also arent her kids (Right points... Whistles). Jigar tries to support pari, Gopi yells at jigar that ahem has scolded him so he left his brother for 10 years (How could he?). Jigar defends himself that he has searched for ahem a lot but he couldnt find him and he is waiting for ahem very badly. Gopi tells she is disappointed about her family. When she left 10 years back, modis was supporting each other but now no one cares about others, all have become mean. 

Gopi determines to make her family ONE again.