Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 16 March 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 16th March 2015 Written Update

Mihika brings ruhi-ishu home. Mihika gives some snacks to the guests. Ishu feels unwell so couldnt have anything. Ruhi takes snacks and plays with the toys. As ishu isnt feeling well, mihika takes ishu to bedroom and calls doctor. Doc asks ishu to take rest as she might get fever because of leg sprain. Doc gives sleeping pills to have better sleep. Ishu takes rest. Shagun suddenly comes to ashok's house. Mihika gets tense. Shagun tells she came to take few medical documents. Mihika forces shagun to leave before she finds ishu-ruhi. Shagun feels suspicious about mihika's behavior and checks all the house to find ruhi-ishu. Mihika wonders when shagun couldnt ishu-ruhi in any room. Actually ishu leaves from there with ruhi when she heard shagun's voice. Ishu takes ruhi to a hotel. Ishu feels sleepy and sleeps. Ruhi calls raman and tells they both are in some hotel and ishu isnt well. Raman comes to hotel and feels happy finding his wife-daughter. Raman takes ishu home. Later Ishu wakes up and gets worried when she couldnt find ruhi. Raman consoles ishu and promises he'll bring ruhi at any cost. 

Judge declares ruhi's custody was given to shagun by raman himself. Ishu yells not to give away ruhi to shagun.