Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2015 Written Update

Jigar tells gopi not to lose hope, and ahem along with mira-vidya will be back to modi bhawan soon. Pari as well comes there and tells gopi never fails. Pari gives kheer to jigar-gopi. Here at urmi's house, rashi starts troubling mira. Rashi switches off the fan and makes sounds of mouse. Mira will be irritated with mice and mosquitoes. Next day tolu-molu come to urmi's house to meet ahem-mira-vidya. Ahem will be surprised and feels happy to meet tolu-molu but acts cold with them. Tolu-molu meets mira-vidya and asks them to come to modi bhawan. But mira rejects them. Mira goes for shower but gets angry finding dirty water coming out of the shower. Mira rushes to ahem and tells she would go back to Mumbai. Ahem rejects. Mansi supports mira saying they shouldnt force her to stay. Mira-tolu-molu reach modi bhawan. Modis will be happy and gets emotional. But mira behaves harshly with modis. Gopi scolds mira. Gopi again asks mira to do the aarthi. Gopi grabs mira's hand and walks towards mandir. Mira takes away her hand back and yells at gopi not to touch her. Mira yells not to act innocent and shower lots of love. Gopi says she shows her true love. Mira asks gopi when she loves her why did she leave them for 10 years. Gopi remains calm. Mira goes to her room. Here rashi will be taking care of ahem but he asual behaves cold towards the lil girl. Koki consoles rashi that ahem loves her a lot.