Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2015 Written Update

Ahem reminisces urmi slapping mansi and koki saying mansi as an outsider, vidya brings tea for ahem. Ahem thinks its gopi and yells at her and again apologizes. Vidya consoles ahem that mansi will be fine with mira. Ahem asks vidya why she hadnt called mansi as mom till now. Vidya replies same as him she couldnt give the special place to mansi. Ahem says he couldnt think about mansi as special. Vidya tells when he accepts mansi then she would try to give a special place to mansi. Here mira promises mansi to help her to marry ahem and replace the DIL of modis in modi bhawan. Lady modis, tolu-molu gather in bha's room. Koki calls them and explains them to treat mansi as special guest and even with mira so that they dont think of moving away to Mumbai again. And if mansi stays out of ahem then she can plan to make ahem-gopi one again. Modis agree with koki and hangs on the call. 

Later, gopi gives medicines to koki. Ahem comes there. Gopi says she would leave now. Koki says its too late so ahem will drop him off. Ahem agrees as koki says if he doesnt dop her then gopi would stay back for the night. Ahem asks dhaval-pappu to drop gopi at modi house but both deny saying they are having work to do. Helpless ahem goes to drop gopi. Vidya finds this and thinks koki is doing all this to make ahem-gopi one again. Mansi calls ahem's mobile, urmi takes the call. Urmi tells mansi that ahem went to watch a movie with gopi. Mansi gets worried. Gopi reminisces her happy days with ahem. Mansi finds ahem dropping gopi at modi house and shocks. Kinjal comes there and provokes mansi saying ahem will change drastically and might fall for gopi again. Ahem thinks of meeting mansi but thinks she might be sleeping and he wouldnt enter the house. Kinjal says mansi that ahem has unwillingly married gopi but later gopi made ahem to fall for her. And now gopi is trying again. Kinjal tells mansi that she is best with ahem and she would help them to marry ahem. Next day, mira brings mansi to dining table to have breakfast.

Gopi uses ahem's tshirt as mop. Ahem scolds gopi. Ahem dashes with the bucket and all the water spills. Gopi yells at ahem to clean by himself.