Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2015 Written Update

Tolu molu bha come to mira's room to request her to call koki and tell that everything is fine in between her and gopi so that koki will be fine. Koki's health might get worse if koki learns about the truth of gopi's accident. Mira denies to talk to koki. All the 3 leave. Tolu molu come back again and demand mira to talk properly to koki. Mira denies again. Molu grabs mira's hair and blackmails to cut her hair but mira doesnt agree. Tolu molu think of hanging mira upside down, so mira agrees. Koki thinks of going to modi house but mira calls koki. Mira forcefully says that everything is fine between herself and gopi. Koki feels happy that she has forgiven gopi. Koki asks mira not to hurt gopi. Jigar says koki that he will be return home. Koki doubts jigar is hiding something from her. Koki walks out, urmi tries to stop her. Koki says she will leave now and she shouldnt speak a word. Jigar calls tolu and says he would rush to hospital and asks them to come there as well. Koki overhears jigar talking to tolu. Koki asks why is he going to hospital. Koki insists jigar to say what has happened. Jigar tells about gopi's accident. Koki remains shocked for a while. Jigar tries to console her. Koki asks jigar whether she is serious and she wants to see her immediately. Koki doubts how gopi had met with an accident when she went to modi house. Jigar explains how gopi met with the accident. Koki insists jigar to take her to hospital. Koki takes the scooty and leaves for the hospital. Jigar follows her. Jigar calls pari and tells koki has leant about gopi's accident and she is coming to hospital. Ahem remembers again how he has hurt gopi since few days and cries. Mira thinks of going to hospital but mansi denies to come there. Koki reaches the hospital. Nurse stops koki to go to gopi as surgery is going on. Koki scolds modis for hiding the truth about gopi's accident. Hetal consoles koki. Koki says ahem should be happy now. Koki says ahem will be waiting for gopi's death. Koki yells at ahem that his wish to send gopi away from his life. Koki says its better for gopi to die than to bear the pain with ahem mira.