Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 4 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2015 Written Update

Pari thanks koki for supporting her. Koki says there will be real happiness when gopi-ahem will become one. Gopi says she isnt feeling good as they are keep lying to succeed ahem back. Koki explains gopi that it isnt right when they are cheating no one, ahem is taking a wrong decision by marrying mansi though he doesnt love her and gopi has come back home at the right moment from jail. Pari assures gopi that they would anyhow plan to succeed to make ahem-gopi one. Ahem comes there. Gopi-koki shocks, but ahem will be on call with headphones on. So he dint listen anything. Koki sends pari home. Mansi-kinjal come back modi house. Mira asks worried mansi about what has happened. Mansi yells at mira that her family members are cheaters and ahem only believes in them but not her. Mira asks mansi why is she behaving rude with her. Mansi blames mira that she as well a member of modi family so she doesnt want to talk to anyone. Mira gets upset. Hetal defends mira saying modis never talk rudely with their kids. Mansi leaves angrily. Mira gets some call, mira yells at that person that she is worried as her family is in problems and she cannot talk to him/her right now. Mira hangs on the call. 

Ahem thanks gopi for defending him before the chawl lady. Gopi replies she would support him all the time. But ahem says there's a lot of changes done in their lives in these 10 years. Gopi clears ahem that she doesnt believe that there has changes in their lives. Ahem asks gopi to be practical and accept the change in their lives. Gopi asks ahem to take decisions by listening to their hearts but not with mind. Koki comes there and asks ahem to have a second thought about gopi as he has given gopi's place to someone else. 10 years before gopi has made khana ji's idol keeping ahem in mind and showed her love for him. And ahem made a rose showing his love for gopi. Koki leaves ahem to think for a while. Mira calls vidya and tells mansi has rudely behaved with her and might be because of gopi. Vidya supports gopi saying this time mansi was mistaken and all the proofs were towards gopi. Someone knocks on mira's room window, mira says she would talk to her later and thows her mobile without disconnecting the call. Mira tells the guy that she has to help her in getting rid of gopi from their lives forever. Vidya hears this and wonders what mira wanna do. Mira sends away the guy from the window itself. Pari comes to mira's room and gives a milkshake to her. Pari leaves. Mira comes downstairs, mansi tries to console mira but mira scolds mansi saying now she too doesnt care her as gopi has done 10 years back. Mira says she would never forgive her. Mansi will be angry as modis are a complete dramebaaz family. Kinjal comes there and asks mansi to change herself as modis to get ahem. 

At the market, Mira yells at the guy in some car and tolu-molu finds this. Mira denies that no one is misbehaving with her when tolu-molu asks if the guy was misbehaving with her. Tolu-molu determine to find the truth. Hetal calls koki and tells bha wants the barsi to be done by ahem in modi house. Ahem comes there so koki gives mobile to ahem. Hetal tells ahem to attend their grandpa's barsi which will be conducted in modi house. But ahem rejects to attend barsi if its conducted in modi house. Bha requests ahem to come to modi house but ahem denies. So bha agrees to be done in mandir but wishes ahem to do the barsi himself. Ahem agrees. 

Pundit asks ahem's wife to sit with him in pooja. But ahem rejects to do pooja with gopi. Mansi says pundit that she would sit along ahem for pooja.