Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July Written Update

Koki will be taken to her room. Modis will be worried who is doing all this fuss in their house. Koki determines to find out the culprit. Koki goes to storeroom and checks the rope tied with connecting things so that the things fall on the person who comes inside. Koki shocks finding the rope and determines to find the culprit before next day's night. Bha gives new sarees to all her bahus. Hetal says they should start the theej fest preparations. Koki tells gopi - vidya about her plan to find the culprit. Vidya keeps a kerosene bottle in the mandir and hides aside. Koki asks maid to keep mira's breakfast in mira's room. Gopi takes a hit bottle and keeps beside mira's breakfast and hides in the bathroom. Mira finds the kerosene bottle and wonders why is it in the mandir. Mira calls the maid and asks to keep the kerosene bottle in the kitchen. Vidya feels happy as mira dint plan anything to harm modis. Koki sends pari to dust mira's room. Pari finds the hit bottle near the breakfast and keeps it aside. Gopi comes back to koki and tells neither mira nor pari are planning to harm them. Koki says they should be more conscious now as they havent find out the culprit yet. 

Koki asks gopi to take bath and get ready for pooja. Ahem says he needs to rush to office so he will bath first. So gopi thinks of taking bath in rashi's room. The culprit switches on the geyser in rashi's room. Rashi couldnt find her baby doll's dress and remembers its in the bathroom. Rashi goes to bathroom and collects the clothes but couldnt open the door. Rashi calls out for gopi koki. Modis rush to rashi's room. They open the door and rashi comes out. Rashi says she was inside the bathroom to take her doll's dress. Gopi walks in to bring the clothes but suddenly the geyser blasts. Gopi will be safe but modis shock at this incident. Ahem decides to complaint in police before the culprit does anything more. Pari mira asks why to call police now. Koki doubts at their behavior. Here kinjal receives the saree from hetal and kinjal decides to fast for theej. Dhaval says kinjal that she need not act and he wouldnt kick her out. Kinjal gets upset. 

Koki ahem decide to complaint to police.