Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July Written Update

Kokila once again blames mira for ahem's shock. 

At modi house, ahem grabs the jhoola and gets current shock. Modis stunned to find ahem in shock. Jigar tolu takes ahem to his room. Parag calls doctor. Doctor tells ahem should be fine by now. Doctor gives medicines. Doctor doubts if ahem doesnt wake up in an hour, his brain might have damaged because of the shock and Ahem should be admitted in hospital. Doctor leaves. Gopi will be worried for ahem. Ahem slowly wakes up. Ahem says he is fine. Gopi mira cries for ahem. Gopi consoles mira. But mira yells at gopi that she has ruined their lives. Mira blames gopi as an unlucky person. Kokila gets angry and slaps mira. Mira yells at modis that they cant bear the truth, if someone yells out the truth then they slap the person. Kokila scolds mira for insulting gopi. Kokila blames mira for ahem's shock. Kokila says the shock was for gopi. Mira says its not the truth. Mira says she cant trouble her dad. Kokila scolds mira not to go near ahem. Mira also yells back that ahem is her father and she has all the rights to stay near him. Gopi defends mira and asks kokila not to blame mira for all these problems. Kokila disagrees. 

Even ahem supports mira. Kokila tells ahem that she found electrical wires in hands before sometime of shock. The electrical wire was cut and was on the jhoola's chain. Gopi should have grabbed the chain but ahem has grabbed. Till now all the plans were targeted to gopi but not any modis. Kokila explains everyone that on the day of jhaas, mira knew that only gopi will be drinking the jhaas. Gopi has called the gardener to bring the soil. But that day hetal has become the victim. Next is the geyser's blast, store room's incident. Though kokila explains, ahem gopi doesnt agree with her. Kokila says parents should bear the truth and bring their kids in the right path. Kokila tells everyone that she has all the proofs to prove mira is behind all the problems caused in their house. Kokila says everyone that tolu molu has arranged 3 CCTV's to find the culprit. The culprit will be listening to this conversation. Kokila asks to bring the cameras. Tolu molu finds all the 3 cameras are been damaged. Tolu molu tells the culprit has damaged the recording. 

At the chawl, urmi insists kinjal to have her dinner as dhaval will be late. Kinjal gets frustrated and ties urmi to the bed. The other neighbors of chawl come to urmi's house. Dhaval returns home. Because of other chawl couples dhaval remains silent. Kinjal does the pooja. Urmi struggles hard and unties herself. Before dhaval feeds kinjal, urmi rushes there and tells dhaval that kinjal has tied her in the room. Dhaval asks the chawl people to leave and scolds kinjal.