Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Spoiler Alerts of Saathiya , Ishqbaaz & Shakti

Kokila & Gopi learn about Bhavani's escape plan - Saath Nibhana Saathiya Spoiler
Koki & Gopi keep an eye on Bhavani to learn about her plan to escape from the jail. Koki & Gopi learns that Bhavani is planning to escape through a tunnel from the jail. Gopi finds some paper bits in the jug and find out that it is the jail map. Koki yells to the warden that Bhavani is planning to escape from the jail through tunnel. Bhavani listens this and hides the map. Bhavani warns Koki that she would see her end. Even Koki warns Bhavani. Warden scolds Koki to stay calm. Bhavani tells Koki that she ate the map. Warden gets angry and punishes Koki & Gopi to make 50 blankets in a single night. 

Preeto & Varun to spy on Harman - Shakti Spoiler
Thieves catch Soumya and try to shoot her. But Harman takes the bullet & saves her. Soumya is happy to have man like Harman who isnt caring about himself and saved her. Harman fights with the theives. Family members come out and find Harman-Soumya. Soumya gets hurt with thieve's knife. Preeto gets ointment for Harman but he says not to show fake love towards him and leaves. Preeto gets hurt. Harman & Soumya goes to Travel agent to book a holiday trip. Preeto & Varun learns about Harman-Soumya's holiday trip and doesnt likes them going for a trip. 

Will Anika & Shivay become one ?? - Ishqbaaz Spoiler
Anika & Shivay go to dargah to offer prayers. They both feel each other's presence. Anika's dupatta flies and falls on Shivay's face. He removes and finds Anika. He gives her dupatta and leaves silently. Anika & Shivay remembers their memories and feel bad. Baba of dargah asks the couple to talk to eachother but they both leave in opposite ways.