Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 18 March 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2013 Written Update

Nikki comes to mandir and makes a show off that the mandir's in Mumbai more beautiful than rajkot. So the ladies say nikki to go away to Mumbai back. Nikki feels pissed off and walks away. Nikki feels that all her work has gone sore in impressing the ladies and this is because of koki. Nikki finds savitha coming into the mandir. Few ladies praise savitha's new ring. Savitha proudly says that her husband has brought it. Nikki wishes savitha but Savitha ignores nikki and walks off. Modi ladies also arrives to the mandir. Savitha taunts koki saying, she hasnt got cooled till now. Koki re-taunts that when she has come for mandir she should concentrate on god better than on her anger. Savitha feels insulted. Koki says she has brought the prasad. Savitha argues with the pundit that every time why they should accept only modis prasad. Pundit says they bring chappan prasad and she has brought only one. Savitha becomes calm. Koki asks gopi to bring prasad from the car. Urmi comes there and wishes koki. Koki stops rashi when she walks towards urmi. Koki scolds rashi for calling urmi to mandir. Urmi will be praising hetal and trying to impress. Koki warns urmi not to try anything to impress them. 

Gopi will be keeping the prasad in the plates, savitha comes there and says bha is calling her. Gopi walks to bha. In this mean time savitha spoils the prasad by adding aata in the prasad. Gopi returns back and says savitha that bha hasnt called her. Savitha walks off from there saying she might have heard wrongly. Koki stops urmi to sit in the pooja with them. Urmi feels insulted and sits behind them. Nikki will be looking this. Pundit finishes pooja and while giving the prasad he finds aata(flour) has been mixed in the prasad. Modis shock and savitha feels happy. Gopi checks the prasad and says she has done the prasad perfectly. Savitha taunts koki that gopi has done some mistake. Koki defends gopi and says someone has mixed the aata. Nikki also comes there and taunts koki that she will be having fun by fighting with everyone. Koki checks the prasad and finds a ring in it. Koki asks everyone about the ring. The other ladies recognize and tells its savitha's. Savitha tries to deny it but koki scolds both savitha & nikki that she doesnt like lies. Koki asks the pundit to give the prasad of savitha's to khana ji. Later, koki finds urmi & rashi messaging on mobiles. So koki goes to rashi and asks rashi to meet urmi than to message her in mandir. Rashi gets pissed off. Later, mira will be crying so gopi takes her from hetal and walks out. Koki also comes out to call gopi inside. Koki looks at the sun and finds a coconut falling from the tree. Koki drags gopi from there. Gopi and other find the  coconut falling and shocks. 

While koki giving aarthi some one hits koki with a coconut.